1982 - 95 Obituaries







       1982 - 1995 Obituaries Collected by Helen Geiselman


Obituaries clipped are from two Williams County, Ohio papers:  THE BRYAN TIMES and THE LEADER ENTERPRISE.  The originals are copied and organized alphabetical in eight volumes, which are available for your research at the Local History Center in the annex of the Bryan Library.  

Helen was a charter member of the Williams County Genealogical Society (WCGS), and clipped and alphabetized obits for many years. Her collection ranges from about 1982 thru 1995, and is quite extensive, but not absolutely complete.  Helen passed away on 02 June 1996.

She did not note the issue date of the paper in which the obit appeared, nor the name of the paper.  But, the typestyle of the heading can be a clue to determine which paper. Names appearing in "black & bold" would be from "THE LEADER ENTERPRISE, Montpelier, Oh. The others appearing in "regular typestyle" were from THE BRYAN TIMES, Bryan, Oh.

If you know someone died during the years Helen clipped obits, and their obituary did not appear in this collection, please check the library's microfilm index for the appropriate issue of the paper. You, should be able to find the obituary on microfilm.

Short obits which announced that "arrangements are pending" normally would have a full obit in the next issue of the paper.  See the microfilm for the full obit, as it was not fond in Helen's collection.

Some obituaries do not file the date on which the person died, but only said "died on Wednesday." In this case, please consult the library's index to learn the issue date of the paper where the obituary appeared.

If someone died as result of a tragedy, such as an auto accident, or if the deceased was prominent in the community, there may be an additional article in the paper, besides the obit.

We hope Helen's collection will be of interest and aid in your genealogical and family history research.



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