Abbie Lingle







Father gave Son Tobacco

 (Journal 12 - Nov 1886; Journal13 p514 - 11 June 1886; p580 - 21 June 1886; Journal 14 p57 - 15 Dec 1886; Roll 44 case number 1645 and 1714 - 21 June 1886)

Compiled by Pamela Pattison Lash

            The couple was married in Wms Co on 23 Jan 1877 (Marriage V4 p503).  George, b1855, OH, was the son of John and Catherine Lingle, who were buried in Boynton Cemetery on 2 Oct 1876 and 11 June 1898, respectively. The Lingles were listed in the 1860 Springfield Twp federal census, p68B-69 as John 46 PA, Catherine 46 OH, Sarah 23 OH, Jane 19 OH, Martha 16 OH, Benjamin 12 OH, George W 7 OH, William 3 OH, Serepthia M 3 OH, and Cyrus Conrad 4/12 OH.  They were enumerated in the 1870 Springfield Twp federal census p5 as John Lingle 58 PA, Catherine 56 OH, Thomas 21 OH, George W 18 OH, William 14 OH, Cyrus 11 OH, and Serepta 14 OH.

 Abbie, b 1853, pos Washington Co, OH, was the daughter of Benjamin and Mary Elizabeth Corner Posey, who were buried in Boynton Cemetery, Springfield Twp on 1918 and 1915, respectively. The Posey family moved to Wms Co sometime after the 1870 federal census and was enumerated in the 1880 Springfield Twp federal census p679D as Benjamin Posey 53 OH, Mary E 55 OH, Selina 22 OH, and Frederic 16 OH.  Abbie’s sister Selina/Celina married George W’s brother Charles Cyrus Lingle on 5 Mar 1885. The George Lingle family appeared in the 1880 Springfield Twp federal census, p663A, as George 25 OH carpenter, Abbie 21 OH, and Freddie 7/12 OH.  Their son Freddie was born in Stryker, Wms Co on 7 Oct 1879 (Birth V2 p71).

            Abbie asked for a temporary injunction to keep George from disposing of his property or taking her personal property and also not to interfere with their son, who was seriously ill and should be with her.  She brought a physician to testify to this and stated that George had furnished tobacco to the child; he denied this.  She said on 24 Mar and 17 May 1886 George was extremely cruel and accused her of criminal intimacy with men, particularly with JF Roop for the past two years.  He gave her no money for clothing and fuel. On 17 May 1886 they separated.  Abbie stated that she was the owner in fee simple of Lots 4 and 5 in Allison's Addition, Stryker, valued at $800.  He was the owner of a machine that manufactured oars. The court stated that George was guilty of disobedience and the resistance to action and he was not to dispose of an undivided 1/8 of NW 1/4 of Sec 33 T6N R4E and lots in Van Behren and Shaffer Addition in Stryker.  She called the following witnesses for her side: Frank and Charles Posey, Emery Sullinger and William Lingle.

            George answered that Abbie was guilty of disobedience.  He resisted the order of injunction and on 14 June 1886 he kept her possessions.  He denied that he allowed their young son to chew tobacco and he said Abbie did no own any real estate.  He repaid her father for money he borrowed for lot improvements.  He told the court that Freddie wanted to stay with him because she used profanity in the child's presence.

            George alleged that Abbie was guilty of adultery with JF Roop for the past two years at his residence.  Abbie and JF went to Toledo around 11 May 1885 and stayed there for three months.  When they came back to Stryker he caught them at night in his shop.  They left but did not take the child.  He called as witnesses Jacob Henry, John Babinger, Evans Sullinger, and Augustus Von Beren.  At one point the case was dismissed; then he crossfiled and this action was dismissed.

 Abbie was granted custody of their son.  George partnered with Fred Yunck in an oar factory on north shore of Lynn Run.  In the 1900 Springfield Twp, Wms Co, OH federal census p211, the Posey family was enumerated as Benjamin Posey Jan 1826 (74) OH married 51 years, wife Mary Apr 1824 (76) OH 4 children with 3 surviving, daughter Abby Lingle July 1860 (39) OH widow one child, and grandson Fred Lingle Oct 1879 (20) OH.  Abbie Lingle died in 1937 and was buried in Boynton Cemetery.


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