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            Bastardy and Other Crimes

This material was extracted from the Williams County Common Pleas Court records

                                             by Pamela Pattison Lash

Susan Altofer v Charles Harris (Journal 14 p285/287/289 - 13 Mar 1888)

            He said he was not guilty but he was found guilty by jury.

Mary Bauer v Moses Bradshaw (Journal 11 p96 - 17 Feb 1881)

            The case was dismissed.

Caroline Baus v George Zeiters (Journal 13 p239 - 23 Nov 1885)

            John Zeiters on 21 Nov 1885 made a promissory note for $210 for Caroline. The case was settled.

Sarah A. Brownawell v Allen Burns (Journal 7 p37 - 21 Mar 1867; p64 - 30 May 1867

            Allen said he was not guilty but the jury found him guilty; he was to pay $700 but he refused so he was put in jail.

Tena M. Cox, guardian John Cox v Enoch Grindle (Journal 8 p48 - 5 June 1872)

            Enoch was found guilty and a maintenance schedule was set up whereby he had to pay $600; if he defaults he was to pay $1200. He refused and was put in jail. He later declared insolvency.

Sevilla Belle Crum v Norman Dean (Journal 12 p178 - 28 Dec 1883)

            The jury found him guilty of fathering a female child. He was ordered to pay $700 with a fee schedule set up. He originally said he was not guilty, but the plea changed.

Lois Fearnley v William J. Stevenson (Journal 11 p458 - 20 June 1882)

            She charged him with breach of promise and bastardy. He was found guilty but refused to pay.

Laura Garlinger v Forest Brace (Journal 13 p401 - 8 Mar 1886)

            The case was settled.

Catherine Hively v Thomas Kollar (Journal 13 p285 - 2 Dec 1885; p340-341 - 11 Dec 1885)

            The jury found him guilty and ordered him to pay $500.

Clara E. Hulbert v Edwin Kelly (Journal 10 - 15 Nov 1878)

Nora Belle Iler v George F. P. Hummel (Journal 12 p413 - 22 Dec 1884)

            The case was settled before the court proceeded.

Catherine Keiser v William Dudley (Journal 10 - 15 Nov 1878)

Ohio State v Charles Arnold (Journal 11 p381 - 16 Mar 1882)

Ohio State v Harvey or Henry Coleman (Journal 11 p344 - 13 Feb 1882)

            The charge was incest.

Ohio State v Richmond Mills and Caroline Stirtz (Journal 14 p352 - 11 June 1888)

            They were charged with cohabiting in adultery. They claimed they were innocent.

Ohio State v John Reader (Journal 11 p381 - 16 Mar 1882)

            The charge was rape. Alpheus and Levi Hendricks put up a bond for $500.

Phebe A. Phelps v James C. Byers (Journal 8 p68 - 28 June 1872)

            He said he was not guilty but the court found him guilty; Phebe was still pregnant when the case was brought to court. She was awarded $300 with a maintenance schedule set up.

Jennie Robinson v Frank Allison (Journal 14 p371 - 22 June 1888)

            The child died and the case was settled. He paid court costs.

Maria Rolland v Israel L. Bowman (Journal 14 p461 - 23 Nov 1888)

            He was told to maintain the child.

Harriet Scott v John Anspaugh (Journal 10 p360 - 21 Feb 1880)

            He was found guilty and had to pay maintenance.

Matilda M. Shull v Robert McDade (Journal 13 p466 - 2 Apr 1886; p490 - 1 June 1886)

            Edward McDade paid a surety for this case and later the case was dismissed.

Mary Summerfield v Jacob Klopfenstine, Jr. (Journal 8 p387 - 27 July 1875)

            She charged him with rape. Jacob lived in Bryan.

Emily J. Towers v James A. Grimes (Journal 12 p 23 - 23 Feb 1883)

A jury determined that he was not guilty.

Annie Van Sickle v John Burchell, Jr. (Journal 10 p259 - 17 Nov 1879)

Ellen Van Sickle v Augustus Warren (Journal 11 p236 - 23 Nov 1881)

            She wanted $55 and ability to remove child from the county. The case was dismissed.

Catherine Walz v William Allomong (Journal 13 p445 - 27 Mar 1886; p505 - 8 June 1886)

            He admitted his guilt and had to pay $325.

Lilly S. Wood v Daniel S. Tharp (Journal 10 p442 - 31 May 1880; Journal 11 - Nov 1880)

            The case was dismissed.

Catherine Zeigler v Isaac W. Wallace (Journal 10 p380 - 5 Mar 1880)

            It was proven that Isaac was the father of her child.





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