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The following men are Civil War veterans who
   settled in Williams County, Ohio.

An excerpt from "Presidents, Soldiers, Statesmen" Published 1892
(to preserve the intent of the authors, this text is copied as printed.)

  Page 565....

               WILLIAM C. ADAIR
   Was born in Morrow county, Ohio, in 1840, a son of William, died Aug.1883, and Joanna, (
Campbell) Adair, who died April 1, 1878;  he was a farmer living in Williams county, Ohio, at the time of his enlistment, Sept.1, 1861, at Defiance, Ohio, as a private in Co. E, 14th O.V.I., 3d Brig.3d Div., 14th A. C.  Sept 19th, 1863, at the battle of Chickamauga he received a gun shot wound in the shoulder, and was in hospital at Nashville, Sept. 30th, 1863; was transferred to hospital at Chattanooga, Tenn., Feb'y 1864 to act as a nurse; later was furloughed for sixty days, and Sept.19, 1984, was honorably discharged at Atlanta, Ga.  He took part in the following battles:  Wild Cat, Mill Springs, Shiloh, Corinth, Chickamauga, and Perrysville.  Mr. Adair married, first, Anna Vanbuskerk, who bore him three children, namely:  Della, Joseph E., and Bessie.  In 1875, he was married in Michigan to Mary E. Looker, born in Pennsylvania, Sept.16, 1844, a daughter of Edmund B. Looker, born in New Jersey, who is still living, and Martha Russel, died Jan. 27, 1860.  Four children have blessed the union, namely, Clarence R., Lottie B., Leroy G., and Gracie B.  Comrade Adair had one brother in the army, James; three brothers of his second wife were also in the late war, Charles, James, and David; he has held the office of Treasurer of Twp. for two years; he draws a pension, is a retired farmer, a member of Chas Bates Post 636, in which he held the office of Q.M.; his address is Nettle Lake, Ohio.

     Was engaged in farming in Williams County when he enlisted at the age of 20 at Montpelier, Ohio, as a private in Co. II, 38th O.V.I. 3d Brig. 3d Div. 14th A.C.;  he took part in the following battles - Stone River, Resaca, Kenesaw Mt., Chatchuta River, Atlanta, and was engaged in many other engagements, and skirmish duty; he was discharged from first enlistment at Chattanoga, Tenn., Dec. 10, 1863, but reenlisted again same day in same Co. and Regt.  August 12, 1864, at Atlanta, Ga., he was transferred to Co. D, 1st U.S.V.E.C.; and received a veteran's furlough Jan. 1, 1864, of thirty days.  He was born in Stark county, Ohio, Dec. 27th, 1840, a son of James
Allman, died Sept. 13, 1846, and Margaret (Anspaugh), died Aug.21, 1890.  In Williams county, Ohio, Nov 19, 1865, he was united in marriage to Lucinda Simpson, born in Holmes county, Ohio, April 28th, 1842;  her father John Simpson, died January 1865; her mother Charlotte (Slutzs), died May 26, 1892.  The following children have been born :  Frank b. Sept 27, 1866; Edgar, died Oct. 16, 1876, aged 7; Charles S., b. Jan. 26th, 1871; Eva and Elva (twins) b. Aug. 6th, 1873; and Clara J., b. Nov. 12th, 1876.  Miss Elva is a school teacher of rare ability.  One brother of Mr. Allman served in Co. II, 38th O.V.I., and was killed at the battle of Jonesboro. A brother of his wife, Chas. Simpson, served also in the late war, and died in the hospital at Nashville, Tenn. with typhoid fever.  Comrade Allman belongs to Hiram Loudon Post, 155, draws a pension, is a prosperous farmer, and his address is Montpelier, Williams county, Ohio.                           

The following men are Civil War veterans who settled in Williams Co., Oh. They are listed in the order that they are found in this publication.

David Darr

William Joice

Coonrad Sacher


William Darr

John Kintner

William W. Shauger


William H. Davis

Franklin Kanauer

David Sheline

William C. Adair

Clark Dewitt

Jacob Kollar

Christian Shiffler

John Allman

Alexander C. Donaldson

John Lattamer

John G. Shiffler

Alva Ames

John H. Doughten

Christopher C. Leek

Isaiah Shull

Orsymus Anble

William H. Durbin

Samuel M. Leek

Martin Simonds

Wilson Andre

Elaib D. Eggleston

John C. Livensparger

Edward Slater

John Armbruster

Elias Emmons

Robert Lougheed

Daniel Slough

Jahu Bailey

Benjamin Enterline

Oscar Lowery

Alanson Smith

Webster H. Bailey

Henry J. Esterline

William Lyons

Marshal M. Smith

Joseph W. Ball

Thomas J. Fetterhoof

Harrison Mallison

James E. Snow

Charles Bates

Isaac Firestone

Asher B. Manley

Harmon Spake

David Bloom

James J. Fisher

William W. Marsh

Allen Spencer

William Bowman

William C. Flagg

Gottlob Mauerhan

John H. Stevens

George Bosteter

Francis M. Ford

Ira A. McClain

Wilson Stewart

David Bowers

Samuel K. Fritz

George Megarah

Thomas J. Stoops

John W. Bowersox

Peter V. Fulton

Charles Mehrling

Philip Strawser

Amon C. Bradley

John Furgison

Benjamin P. Merry

Abram Strausboger

John U. Bratten

Charles Gay

David Miller

George W. Strong

Warren Brigs

Daniel Giesman

Jacob H. Miller

Samuel K. Swisher

William H. Briner

William Gillis

Alanson Mundy

Cornelius P. Taylor

Henry M. Brown

Henry Glover

George W. Myers

David Thompson

Henry Burleu

Charles S. Gowing

Henry Nye

John D. Travis

Jacob B. Canaga

Eli W. Grimm

Albert E. Opdycke

Thomas S. Van Fossen

Robert Canan

Jacob Grubbs

John Orwiler

William A. Van Fossen

John G. Casebeer

Isaac Guilinger

William Page

William Van Fossen

Norman H. Chamberlin

Abraham Hayes

Ora H. Palmer

Welder E. Walling

William Chapman

Daniel D. Haley

John Peach

William Wallace

Thomas Chase

James S. Haley

Ethan A. Pool

Philip Weidner

Jacob Chirra

Amos H. Harker

Ira L. Pool

Charles M. White

Charles G. Cleveland

James Haskett

Volney Powers

Thomas E. Whitney

Peter Clippinger

Benjamin F. Hasmer

Alexander Rachley

Lewis Wideman

William Clum

Jacob H. Hershiser

John Reed

Andrew S. Williams

Fredric Coldsnow

Alfred Heustan

Geroge W. Reese

Samuel Wineland

James Collier

Louis Hoch

William H. Rice

George Wisman

Abraham Collins

Henry Huntington

William M. Richards

Andrew Wolfe

Austin B. Conant

John Hutson

George Rigleman

Dr. George Young

Edward E. Curran

Henry Jaques

John Robonolt

Jacob Young

Harrison Dargitz

Oliver B. Johnson

Henry H. Root

Jacob Zuver


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