Lydia Iosetta Christy Cameron vs Robert C. Cameron 

(Journal 11 p6 - 9 Nov 1880; Roll 36 case number 814 - Nov 1880)

By Pamela Pattison Lash

            The couple was married in Steuben Co, IN on 25 Dec 1871.  In the 1870 Richland Twp, Steuben Co, IN federal census p165 a Cameron family was listed as John Cameron 56 Scotland, Mary 47 OH, Robert 22 IN, Savia 24 IN, Mary A 19 IN, John F 15 IN, Margaret 13 IN, Josina 8 IN, and William 3 IN.  This may be the family of Robert Cameron. In early 1875 they moved to Wms Co.  Lydia charged that between 1 Sept 1878-Nov 1879 in a building Robert used as a store and residence he committed adultery with Sarah Hanna.  Lydia said she helped to purchase the store in Columbia, NW Twp, with her own funds.  She said Robert threatened to defraud her by selling, converting, and disposing of money and property that is hers.  She also stated that Robert owned a 1/8th share of 180 acres in Steuben Co as inheritance from his father.  The divorce was granted.

            In the 1870 Nettle Lake, NW Twp federal census, p30, the Hanna family appeared as William C. Hanna 30 OH grocer, Sarah M 20 OH, Maud A 2 OH.  On 9 Apr 1881 in Wms Co (Marriage V4 p745) Robert C. Cameron wed Sarah M. Foster. 


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