Jospehine or Joanna C. Thurston Camp vs William Camp 

(Journal 7 p.410 - Mar 1869; Roll 21 case number 108 - Nov 1869)

By Pamela Pattison Lash

            The couple was married on 8 Apr 1865 in Wms Co, OH (Marriage V3 p545; date was 8 Apr 1866). Joanna, b c1839 PA, was the daughter of Samuel and Mary Ann Thurston; her father had died bef 1850 and in the 1850 Springfield Twp, Wms Co, OH federal census p98b, the Thurston family was listed as Mary Ann 41 PA, Sarah 13 PA, Joanna 11 PA, Mathias 9 PA, and John 6 PA.  By the 1860 Springfield Twp federal census p72, mother Mary A had married Hiram T. Betts on 22 Aug 1854 in Wms Co (Marriage V2 p145) and the family was listed as Hiram 28 NJ, Mary A 40 PA, Franklin 5 OH, Chauncey 2 OH, Mathias Thurston 19 PA, John Thurston 17 PA, and Harriet Thurston 8 PA.  Note that Joanna did not reside with this family. Stepfather Hiram was a   Springfield Twp trustee, the first advocate of abolition in the area, and active in the Pomona Grange as cited in the History of Williams Co, Ohio, Goodspeed, 1882, p706-707.

            Joanna charged that on 1 Dec 1868 in Cleveland, OH, William was sentenced to a term of several months to the Ohio Penitentiary for passing counterfeit money.  “He currently resides in prison”.  On 21 Apr 1869 he received a summons to appear in court on another charge in Archbold, Fulton Co, OH.  The couple had a two-year-old daughter, Mary Josephine.  The wife brought witness John Sloan, a neighbor to the Thurston-Betts family in 1850 and 1860, to court to corroborate these facts.  A legal notice of intent to divorce appeared in the Bryan Union Press.  The divorce was granted. 

            In the 1870 Springfield Twp, Wms Co, OH federal census p26, the Betts family was enumerated as Hiram 38 NJ, Mary A 53 PA, Franklin 15 OH, Clarence 12 OH, Mary Camp 3 OH, and Hiram’s parents, John L 66 Nova Scotia, and Sarah (Pryor) 65 PA.  Note the presence of Joanna and William Camp’s daughter, Mary, who lived with the Betts family.  Joanna C. Thurston died on 11 Nov 1892 @53Y 4M 2D and was buried in Boynton Cem, Springfield Twp along with her brothers John, a Civil War casualty, and Samuel L. Thurston.  Her mother Mary Ann Betts later died on 31 Jan 1907 @90Y and was buried in Oakwood Cem, Stryker, OH.  Wms Co, OH Marriage Records show a Mary E. Camp became the bride of John M. Zimmerman on 30 Nov 1893 (Marriage V6 #1073).


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