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    Pamela Lash, WCGS president, once again shows that sleuthing in the genealogical records reveals interesting glimpses into the lives of early settlers in Williams County.  She states, " Modern readers are all too familiar with stories of spousal abuse and divorce. Family researchers should be aware that these sociological situations are not confined to any particular time or area, but they transcend the ages and can affect the lives of several generations both in positive and negative ways. This form of "genealogical detailing" illustrates these points."
        Pam suggests that serious family researchers, if possible, should consult the civil and criminal records of the geographical areas where an ancestor resided. "There is a wealth of information available that can put flesh on the bones of these relatives. Using this data I shall detail the life of several early Wms Co. settlers who deal with betrayal of trust, divorce, and assault".

    If you copy the following for any use, please footnote and give Pam Lash the credit for her research.  <pam_lash at yahoodotcom> Note: new e-mail address


Gideon Albright vs. Catherine (Deetz) Albright 

Mary Pryor (Motte) Alderman vs. George F. Alderman

Lucy (Curtis) Alderman vs. Martin Alderman

Martha Jane (Best) Aldrich vs. George W. Aldrich

Mary J. (Overdear) Allen vs. William Allen

Sarah (Harsh) Aller vs. John Aller

Adaline (Osmun) vs. Samuel Amsbaugh

Mary (Halley) Archer vs. Thomas Archer

Frances A. (Deck) Austraw vs. Charles Austraw

Nancy A. (Hively) Avery vs. Franklin Avery 

William H. Bacher vs. Byantha (Clapper) Bacher 

Eunice Mariah (Snow) Bachman vs. George Bachman

William Palmer Back vs Louisa (Norman) Back

Elizabeth M. (Jones) Bacon vs. Chauncey Clark Bacon

Mehitabel (Olds) Bailey vs. John Bailey 

Clarissa J. (Meads) Bair vs. William H. Bair

Sellanira E. Colgan (Kimble) Baker vs. Thomas Jefferson Baker

Thomas P. Bassett vs. Lydia Bassett

Catherine (Gares) Baum vs. Thomas J. Baum

Mary Jane (Spade) Bavin vs. Charles Bavin

Ida M. (Hathaway) Bayley vs. Perry Henry Bayley

William Wallace F. Beach vs. Madora A. (Miller) Beach

William Bear vs. Rachael A. (Stewart) Bear 

Johannah Beaty vs William Beaty

Susan Gibbons (Baum) Beck vs. Gearhart Beck

Anna (Jones) Baum vs William F. Baum

Eliza (Yeagley) Benner vs. Samuel Benner

Mary (Davis) Bennett vs. Henry C. Bennett 

Dr. Thomas Blaker vs. Elizabeth (unknown) Blaker

David Blessing vs. Catherine (Dirr) Blessing

John Bligh/Bly vs. Diadema (Green) Bligh/Bly

Isaac Bontrager vs. Eliza (McDonald) Bontrager 

John B. Brown vs. Louise Brown

Mary Krieger Deeds Brown vs Nicholas Brown

Nicholas Brown vs Veronica Meister Brown

Orlando L. Brown vs Harriet L. Thomas Brown

Emmeline DeGroff Bruot vs Emile Bruot

Lydia Iosetta Christy Cameron vs Robert C. Cameron

Jospehine or Joanna C. Thurston Camp vs William Camp 

Mary Jane Eggleston Carle vs Francis T. Carle 

Susannah Griffith Clark Carnahan vs John J. Carnahan

Amos M. Case vs Sarah M. Case

Maria Barnhill McDonald Casebeer vs Adam Casebeer 

Pheobe (Sheets) Clodfelter vs. Thomas Clodfelder

Davenport C. Clover vs. Harriet M. (Burden) Clover

Elizabeth (Pool) Cooper vs. Joseph Cooper

Clarissa (Chapman) Crum vs. Alfred Crum

Phebe (Doolittle) Daggett vs. Ethan Daggett

Phebe Ann (Badger) Derby vs. Freeman Derby

Lucy (Caulkins) Everett vs. Charles Everett

Betsey Ann (Johnson) Forrester vs. William Forrester

Ezekiel Fox vs. Ann Catherine (Sickles) Fox

Julia Ann (Richey) Friend vs. Leonard Friend

Mary Ellen (Foust) Fritch vs. Thomas Welker Fritch

Quido Graser, Jr. vs. Agnes M. (Brown) Graser

Ruth Ann (Gaskill) Green vs. William H. Green

Sarah Hatfield vs. Lyman Hatfield

Julia Ann (Stickney) Havens vs. Daniel David Havens

Almira (Stuller) Jacobs vs. George N. Jacobs

Lavina W. (Parrish) Kemp vs. Dr. John W. Kemp

Joshua Y. Knight vs. Nancy (Collins) Knight

Jonathan Kosier vs. 1st Hulda (Retan) Kosier

Mary Emma (Shive) Kosier vs. Joseph D. Kosier

Sarah Elizabeth (Shouf) Langel vs. Elon Langel

Peter Laubaugh vs. Ann Maria (Harris) Laubaugh 

Mirriam S. (Garlinger) Lawson vs. Thomas Edward Lawson 

Joseph John Leichty vs Mary Jane (Lehman) Leichty

Mary Jane (Bear) Bohney Leichty vs. Joseph John Leichty

Sophia D. (Sloan) Leavitt vs. Oliver Leavitt

Lucinda (Carter) Leibolt vs. Hugo Franz Alois Leibolt

Mary (Hughes) Lightfoot vs. William Lightfoot

David K. Lindersmith vs. Angeline (Hively) Pew Lindersmith

Abbie (Posey) Lingle vs. George W. Lingle

Mary J. (Twiford) Lingle vs. Daniel or David Lingle

Ellen (Bash) Long vs. Joseph Long

Susan (Carroll) McNary vs. James R. McNary

Emma Mary (Nelson) Mankin vs Benjamin W. Mankin

Elizabeth (Kent) Mankin vs Joseph W. Mankin

Nancy Jane (Cosgrove) Hesket Marshall vs John Marshall

John A. Meach vs Rhoda (Sprague) Meach

Samuel Meek vs Harriet (Dodd) Meek

Angeline Melze vs Louis A. Melze

George B. Metzler vs. Arvilla Sedelia (Hart) Metzler

Sarah A. (Moore) Neer vs. Abraham Eden Neer

Mary Saloma (Neidhart) Neer vs. George S. Neer

Susan (Flora) Nichter vs. Bonaparte Nichter

Phebe (Hannum) O' Mealey vs. William H. O' Mealey

Jane D. (Coleman) Oxenrider vs Henry Oxenrider 

Chloe or Clara (Map) Parker vs John Parker

Aaron Damon Pegg vs Julia Kilpatrick Pegg

Elizabeth (Richey) Perkey vs. George W. Perkey

Clarissa Diantha (Tucker) Pifer vs. Michael Pifer

Abraham Porter vs Hannah M. (Brooks) Porter

Elizabeth (Metzler) Porter vs Abraham Porter

Hannah M. (Brooks) Porter Porter vs Samuel Porter

Hulda Retan vs. William H. Retan

Kittie Catherine (Cox) Royce vs. Benjamin Y. Royce

John Schamp vs. Jennie (Jones) Schamp

William S. Sears vs Esther (Brewer) Sears

Amanda Jane (Dehart) Shaffer vs. Heslip William Shaffer

Isaac Shaffer vs. Alinda (Eagley) Shaffer

Catherine (Campbell) Shellhart vs. Daniel Shellhart

John S. Silvernail vs Serepta (Colvin) Crafts Silvernail

Mary E. (Turnipseed) Simon vs Richard Simon

Catherine (Dull) Smith vs. Benjamin A. Smith

Rachel A. (Townsend) Sinclair vs James Sinclair

Shurman Travis vs. Julian (Jones) Travis

John Michael Weicht vs Caroline Brown Weicht

Sophia (Burke) Whitmore vs. Israel Riley Whitmore

Dora M. (Stoner) Zoller vs Jacob Zoller 

David Zolman vs Lydia (Culver) Zolman











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