Family Group Sheets




Hiram Acus
Darius Allen
George Altdoerffer
Austin Barrows
Andrew Bigelow
James Blair
Mordecai  Cameron
Ezra Crary
Charles Chaney
John Chaney
Wm Clinger
Volney Crocker
Simon Figley
Peter Goll
Wm Gunyan
James Gurwell
George Hockman
Truman Hopkins
Peter Juillard
Andrew Mavis
Jacob Mowry
Frederick Planson
Benjamin J. Shiffler
Dr. Paul Allman Siple
Olney Rice
Alpha Stone




This section is a work in progress

Here are a several "Family Information" work-ups that do not fit into any particular history, but the information is too good not to share with you. If you have "tidbits" that you care to share, please send us a line.

Note: In the transfer process, footnoted dates may have come out as five or six digit numbers i.e.  19541 = 1954.1 (foot note 1) or 195425 = 1954.25 (footnote 25) . Sorry for inconvenience.

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