Orlando L. Brown







Orlando L. Brown vs Harriet L. Thomas Brown

 (Journal 9 p13 -15 Nov 1876; Roll 30 case number 22 - 26 May 1876)

by Pamela Pattison Lash

            The couple was married in Burr Oak, St. Joseph Co, MI on 1 Aug 1871.  Orlando charged that on 20 Dec 1874 at their home in Burr Oak Harriet committed adultery with Elias Thomas; on 23 Dec 1874 she was with a man unknown to Orlando; and at other times she committed adultery with Elwin Russel and other men.  At the time of this filing she lived at Fauvre River, St. Joseph Co, MI.  The divorce was granted.  Orlando later married Lucinda Moore on 19 Jan 1877, Wms Co (Marriage V4 p503).  In the 1880 Bryan, Pulaski Twp, Wms Co, OH federal census p624 the Browns were enumerated as Orlando 50 NY –VA-NY sexton of graveyard, Lucinda C 35 OH-PA-PA, and Charles H 23 MI-NY-MI. In the 1900 Bryan, Pulaski Twp federal census p183, the Browns were listed as Orlando Apr 1829 (71) NY-VT-NY married 23 years, Lucy May 1845 (55) OH-PA-PA no children. Orlando died in Wms Co on 6 July 1908 (Death V3 p13). By the 1910 Bryan federal census p184 Lucy Brown appeared as Lucy 64 and Gilbert Moore 62 OH brother.

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