Volney Crocker







1 Volney Crocker


Birth:                                8 Feb 1818, NY

Death:                                22 Apr 1888, Edgerton, St. Joseph Twp, Wms Co, OH

Burial:                                Walnut Grove Cem, Edgerton, St. Joseph Twp, Wms Co, OH

Occ:                                Mason

Father:                                Samuel Crocker (-1862)

Mother:                                Polly Fordham (-1865)


1850 wagon master; erected 1st house in Bryan 1839-1840; fall 1848 carriage maker

Upper Canada from NY 1829; then lower Canada to Stark Co, OH; brick and stone mason; 1834/35 to Wms Co in Williams Center with parents; 2854 to St. Joseph Twp 112 acres grew to 300 acres;1844 bought land in Wms Co at Lima Land Office; 1859 went to CA for 2 years during gold rush craze


Stories of Fountain City, Van Gundy, p166-167

Volney in 1844 made wagons in a log shop and later moved family one mile east and one mile north of Edgerton


Goodspeed p608

p314 he had contract to clear public square

p317 built first shanty while clearing public square; voted in Bryan on 15 June 1849


1840 Center Twp

p233 Samuel and Lorenzo Crocker family

Joseph McKean 1837 Center Twp #19


Wms Co, OH Probate #2903 - 28 Apr 1888

will written 21 Mar 1888

mentions dau Harriet Wilsey of Edgerton

son Frank of unknown address; gets V痴 lawbooks and library

dau Sara A Crocker of Edgerton gets household goods

granddau - Emma E and grandson John Deeds

he made provision for substantial monuments for Samuel and Polly Crocker and Joseph and Jane McKean

Mrs. Lucinda Wideman, niece gets Bible owned by Samuel Gardner, dec

William G. Wilsey, son-in-law, had land dispute over rent; codicil added the next day cut out Harriet and husband from estate


Tombstone @70Y 2M 14D


1850 Pulaski Twp, Wms Co, OH federal census p87B 14 Sept 1850

Crocker, Volney 32 NY wagonmaster

Mary 29 PA

Harriet 7 OH

Mary 5 OH

Sarah Ann 3 OH


1860 St. Joseph Twp p120B

Crocker, Volney 43 NY

Mary 38 PA

Harriet 16 OH

Mary J 14 OH

Sarah 12 OH

Frank M 9 OH


1870 St Joseph Twp p29

#209 Crocker, Volney 52 NY

Mary 48 PA

Franklin 20 OH

Deeds, Mary J 24 OH

John 4 OH

Emma 2 OH


1880 St Joseph Twp p36-37

Crocker, Volney 62 NY-CT-CT

Mary 59 PA-PA-PA

Sarah 32 OH

Frank 30 OH

John 14 OH grandson

Emma 12 OH granddaughter


Spouse:                                Mary McKean

Birth:                                25 Jun 1821, Perry Co, PA

Death:                                28 Feb 1885, Edgerton, St. Joseph Twp, Wms Co, OH

Father:                                Joeph McKean

Mother:                                Jane

Marr:                                25 Aug 1842, Wms Co, OH


Children:                                Harriet (1843->1888)

                                Mary J. (1845-)

                                Sarah Ann (1847->1888)

                                Franklin (1851->1888)

                                Emma E. (1853-1854)


1.1 Harriet Crocker


Birth:                                1843/44

Death:                                aft 1888


Spouse:                                William G. Wilsey

Marr:                                8 Mar 1866, Wms Co, OH


Children:                                Charles



1.1.1 Charles Wilsey



1.1.2 James Wilsey



1.2 Mary J. Crocker


Birth:                                1845/46


Spouse:                                John B. Deatz

Father:                                Samuel Deatz

Mother:                                Mary Krieger

Marr:                                19 Feb 1864, Wms Co, OH


Children:                                John V.

                                Emma Luella (1868-1950)


1.2.1 John V. Deatz



1.2.2 Emma Luella Deatz


Birth:                                15 May 1868

Death:                                9 Jan 1950


Spouse:                                Charles M. Davis

Marr:                                7 Feb 1889, Wms Co, OH


1.3 Sarah Ann Crocker


Birth:                                1847/48

Death:                                aft 1888


1.4 Franklin Crocker


Birth:                                1851

Death:                                aft 1888


1.5 Emma E. Crocker


Birth:                                16 Jun 1853

Death:                                4 Jan 1854, Wms Co, OH

Burial:                                Walnut Grove Cem, Edgerton, St. Joseph Twp, Wms Co, OH






        Jane        parent of spouse of 1


        Emma E.        1.5

        Franklin        1.4

        Harriet        1.1

        Mary J.        1.2

        Samuel        parent of 1

        Sarah Ann        1.3

        Volney        1


        Charles M.        spouse of 1.2.2


        Emma Luella        1.2.2

        John B.        spouse of 1.2

        John V.        1.2.1

        Samuel        parent of spouse of 1.2


        Polly        parent of 1


        Mary        parent of spouse of 1.2


        Joeph        parent of spouse of 1

        Mary        spouse of 1


        Charles        1.1.1

        James        1.1.2

        William G.        spouse of 1.1



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