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Williams County Ties 

 Gleanings from Commerative Biographical Record, Northwestern Ohio Including Defiance, Henry, Williams, and Fulton, Chicago: J. H. Beers & Co,1899

Compiled by Pamela Lash


P240 - Clark Backus (b. 17 Jan 1820, Hampton Twp, Windham Co, CT)

Grandfather Calvin Backus

Parents Chester and Sarah Holt Backus; children: Clark, Caroline Fletcher (Harris), dec, Sarah Ladd (JC); he d. 1831, CT

Came to Bridgewater Twp, Wms Co spring 1838

M Susan Heritage, Mar 1843; she b. England; d/o Richard and Joanna Bragington Heritage; came to Seneca Falls, NY then to Wms Co 1841; children: John, Eliza McKinzy, Mary A. Strickland (J), Emma Madison (J), Susan, Joseph, dec, James, Amelia, dec

Children - Caroline Cook (David), Emma Lantz (J),, Sarah Osborn (H), CW, Orville J, Leonard C, Frank M, 2 infants dec


P473 - Clarence Betts (b. 1 June 1858, Springfield Twp, Wms Co, OH)

Grandfather - John L. Betts, Wms Co settler; d Apr 1898

Father - Hiram Betts (see below)

M Lillian Snyder, 1 June 1882, d/o Amos Snyder of Evansport

Children - Mabel, Grace, Florence


P218 - Hiram T. Betts (b. 12 May 1833, Trenton, NJ)

Father John L. Betts, b 21 Jan 1803, Nova Scotia; d. Apr 1898; m Sarah A. Pryor, 25 Apr 1826, NY City; she b. 28 June 1806, Philadelphia, PA; 1846 to OH settling in German Twp, Fulton Co, OH; 1848 to Stryker, OH; 1855 to NY; 1856 to Fulton Co, OH; she d. 28 Apr 1883, Springfield Twp; children: 2 infants dec, John, Margaret, George, Hiram T, James, Clara, Robert, Albert

M Mrs. Mary Ann Thurston, 22 Aug 1854, Springfield Twp, Wms Co; widow of Samuel M. Thurston; d/o Matthias Appleman; she b. 5 Nov 1816, Columbia Co, PA

Children Franklin T. and Clarence R.


P328 - Eliel Taylor Binns (b. 16 Sept 1850, Westfield, Medina Co, OH)

Grandfather - William Binns of Bury, England, 50 miles NE of Liverpool

Father - Samuel Binns came to US 1838, first in New York City; 1842 to Westfield, Medina Co, OH; d. 12 June 1889; m. 1836, Ellen Taylor; children: Eliza Murphy (James), William (Lois Ford), Sarah (Otis Ford), Eliel Taylor, Ella Vail (James)

Came to Bryan, OH 1871

M1 Allie N. Waler, 16 Sept 1879; she d. 3 May 1880

M2 Rhoda E. Lane, 20 Apr 1882; children: Laura, Mildred


P126 - Melvin Morreli Boothman, Judge (b. 16 Oct 1846, Jefferson Twp, Wms Co, OH); CW Vet Co H 38th OVI

Grandfather Robert Boothman W1812 vet as British soldier; settled in Hubbard, Trumbull Co, OH; went to New Orleans, LA where died 1820 of yellow fever; m Eliza in OH; as widow married Ludwig Miller/Lemuel Micheltree of Pulaski Twp, Wms Co

Father Lemuel Boothman, b1818, Trumbull Co, OH; to Jefferson Twp, Wms Co fall 1842; m Melisendra Hart, Wms Co; to Bryan 1872; children: Adelina Thomas (John), Melvin M, Emily L Hyatt (AR), Louis K (Alice Kerr), Rollin E (Mary E. Countryman), Elery C (Eliza J. Starr; Mary E. Shelley), Julian W (May Ely), Maria, William M (Constance Eager), infant dec

M Angie Bushong, June 1871; d/o Jacob and Hannah Bushong of Jefferson Twp, Wms Co

Children Ernest H (b 28 Apr 1872), Grace (b. 16 Apr 1874), Dale M (b. 17 Feb 1877), Jean Bessie (b. 5 Sept 1881)


P440 - John Borton (b. 4 Sept 1820, NJ)

Grandfather - Benjamin Borton, W1812 Vet

Parents - Bethuel and Rebecca Clifton Borton, of NJ; he b. 2 Jan 1782; widow came to Wms Co 1836; she b. 17 Sept 1786; d.1859; Quakers; children - Charity Mason(J), Mary Borton (S), Benjamin, dec, Nathan, dec, Rebecca Borton (J), Bethuel, dec, Reuben, dec, Job, dec, John, Martha Ely (A), Samuel of Fulton Co, OH; Samuel and John only ones living c1899

M1 Elizabeth A. Taylor, b.17 Dec 1818, d/o John and Elizabeth Peacock Taylor

Children - 2 dec as infants Reuben and Job, Susanna Harlan(George) Tule (E), William, John, Martha Lyon (Nathaniel), Sarah Mann (O) Kosier(David), Elizabeth Pancost(G), Rebecca Hutchison(G), Mary Mason (J); she d. 5 July 1887

M2 Mrs. Rebecca Wise, Dec 1887, widow of Solomon Wise and mother to Lee, Ermie, Lawrence, Bessie; she b. 8 Aug 1845, Mahoning Co, OH, d/o Edward and Catherine Hurst McLean of Stark Co, OH

Child - Grace, b. 6 Oct 1888


P64 - Charles Alexander Bowersox, Judge (b. 16 Oct 1846, St. Joseph Twp, Wms Co)

Grandparents Christian Bowersox (d. Baltimore, MD) and Mary Bowersox (d. 1858, Wms Co); children John Warner, David (Martha Breckenridge), Eliza Cornell (Benjamin)

Parents John Warner and Mary Jane Breckenridge Bowersox; he(10 Jan 1808, Frederick Co, MD - 14 Apr 1889 @81Y 4M); she d 1867 @60Y; to Adams Co, PA 1828; to Canton, Stark Co, OH 1831; to St. Joseph Twp, Wms Co Oct 1838; both buried Edgerton, OH; children James Grier (Salina Hall), John Wesley (Amelia Yeager), Mary Emmeline (Jairus Casebeer; Daniel W. Weitz), Nancy Ellen, Eliza Letitia, dec, Charles Alexander, Francis Ansbury, dec

M Laura A. Jarvis, 10 June 1875, d/o Samuel and Laura Jarvis of Westerville, OH

Children Charles Rudolph (28 Mar 1886), Helen (18 Aug 1896)


P359 - Charles J. C. Boynton (b. 14 Apr 1831, ME)

Parents - Alpheus W, and Sarah Stockbridge Boynton, ME natives; she d. 1836; came to Maumee, OH 1837; 1841 moved to Pulaski Twp, Wms Co, OH; he d. 22 Feb 1875

He married 4x

M. Mary Clampitt, 1857; she d. 1860

Children - Sarah E. Thompson (Bartlett), infant dau dec.

M2 Catherine Kennedy, 11 Dec 1862; native of Ashland Co, OH; d/o GW and Charlotte Glesner Kennedy of Pulaski Twp, Wms Co, OH; he d. 1877; she d. 1852

Children - Alpheus W., Heman C, Horace D, Dora, Josephine


P588 - John A. Brown (b. 6 July 1850, Center Twp, Wms Co, OH)

Parents Nicholas and Sarah McManus Brown; from PA to Center Twp 1847; he d. Sept 1895; she living c1899; children - William, James dec, John, Mary Jordan (Ellis), Andrew T

M Mary J. Stockman, 30 Apr 1871, d/o Ephraim Stockman

Children - Clara, Andrew


P576 - Peter Charpiot (b. 23 Sept 1835, France)

Came to US 1854, first to Defiance, then to Wms Co - West Unity then Stryker

M1 Elise Peugeot, native of France; d. 30 June 1876

Children - Edward, Leo, Leah, Emil, Henry, dec, George dec

M2 Louise Charpiot (grandfathers were brothers), 26 Nov 1876; she b. 13 Nov 1838, FR; came to US 1861 first to NYC

Child - Alice Grisier (Charles)


P433 - Jeremiah Clay (13 Feb 1845, Richland Co, OH); CW Vet Co G 68th OVI

Grandparents - John and Margaret Miller Clay; moved from York Co, PA to Richland Co, OH 1828

Parents - Jacob and Elizabeth Glime Clay; came to Millcreek Twp spring 1845; he b. 21 Nov 1821; she b. 11 July 1823; m1844 Richland Co; children who reached majority were Jeremiah, William, Catherine, Sarah, John

M Elizabeth Bear, 24 June 1869; d/o Daniel and Sarah Bear, early Wms Co settlers

Children - 3 died young, Sydney S, Martha D Kelly (OL), Charles B

Lived in Gorham Twp, Fulton Co, OH for 9 years and MI for 2 yrs


P464 - George Clifton (b. 30 Nov 1855, Brady Twp, Wms Co, OH)

Parents - John R and Sarah E Borton Clifton, natives of Burlington Co, NJ; she b 26 Oct 1812; m. 8 June 1839; 1840 to OH, first to Fulton Co then 1843 to Brady Twp; Quakers; children - Rachel Mills (M) Matcalf (J), Esther Sparks (G), Sarah B. Hutchison(J), Mary Crumrine (D), Charles D, dec, John S, Samuel, dec, Abigail Crumrine (S), George

M Alice Hibbard, 1889, d/o Jonathan and Sarah Vanarsdalen Hibbard; early settler of Gorham Twp, Fulton Co, OH; children - Carrie Hamlin (A), Irene Fidler (G), Alida, Albert, Elmer, Alice, Catherine Smith (M), Cora

Daughter - Nellie H, b 1 Sept 1897


P398 - Charles Cook (b. 27 Dec 1840, Lehigh Co, PA); CW Vet Co H 197th OVI

Parents - Henry and Mary Laub Cook of PA to Wayne Co, OH 1848; then Holmes Co, then Seneca Co, and in 1858 Brady Twp, Wms Co, OH; she d.1883; he d. 1890; children: Jonas, Clarissa Woodring, Daniel, Henry, Mary Osburn(J), Charles, angeline Keller, William, Franklin,dec, Benjamin, dec, Susan Critchfield, Elizabeth Burch (J)

M1 Barbara Daso, 1863 of Wms Co; d/o Nicholas Daso; she d. Mar 1872

Children - Elizabeth Ebaugh (M), George W.

M2 Helen Richeson of Wms Co in fall 1872; she d. 1888

Children - Adam H, Mary, Ella

M3 Catherine Pfingsday, 1888,; she of Richland Co, OH, d/o Christopher Pfingsday

Child - Leona, dec


P450 - James Cummins (b. 24 June 1822, Trumbull Co, OH)

Came to Portage Co 1827; to Wms Co 1840

Parents - John and Rebecca Hatfield Cummins; he d. 1854; she d. 1876; children - Adelin Wright, James, Joseph, dec, Julia Allen, William, dec, Hiram, dec, Caroline Wadsworth

M1 Phoebe Kirk, 13 Apr 1844, of Columbiana Co, OH; d/o Timothy and Polly Hoops Kirk; to Wms Co 1842; children - Mary Lambright, Phebe, Nathan, Catherine Durbin, William; Phoebe d. 1863

Children - John dec, William, Mary Rising (W), George, Caroline dec, James, one infant

M2 Jane Evans, 12 Apr 1864; she b. Portage Co, OH, 23 Dec 1839 d/o John and Elizabeth James Evans, both Wales natives; to US 1835 to Portage Co; children - John, dec, Margaret Reese Jenkins (William), Jane, David, James

Children - 3 dec youngsters Marion, Fidelia, Henry, Charles, Delbert, Elizabeth Vanortrick, Susie Martin, Zilpha, Orpha, Alva,dec


P297 - Daniel Deemer (29 June 1862, Columbiana Co, OH)

Grandfather - Philip Deemer, b. Mercer Co, PA; to New Lisbon, Columbiana Co, OH; m. Rosanna Stancher

Father - John Deemer b. 12 Nov 1827, New Lisbon, Columbiana Co, OH; mar Martha Bushong, 1 Jan 1852, Wms Co, OH; children: William M, Jacob Edward, Daniel; she d. 12 Mar 1871, Columbiana Co; m2 unknown woman; he d. 28 May 1875, Columbiana Co, OH

Came to Wms Co 1876

M. Blanche Brown, 25 June 1891, Wms Co; d/o Abner K and Amanda Bollinger Brown, of Bridgewater Twp


P322 - Dr. James K. Denman (b. 30 June 1851, Batemantown, Knox Co, OH)

Parents - Elisha G. and Almira Morrison Denman; he b. 1821, Knox Co, OH; d. Mar 1877; she b. 1820, Richland Co, OH; d. Dec 1896

Came to West Unity, Wms Co, OH 1851

M. Elizabeth Speaker, June 1877; d/o Charles Speaker of Delaware Twp, Defiance Co, OH; she b. 1851

Children - Charles G, Emma

Res. As of 1899, The Bend, Delaware Twp, Defiance Co, OH


P296 - Professor George W. Dustin (b. 12 July 1848, Wms Co, OH)

Parents - Samuel and Catherine Zeigler Dustin; he b. Westmoreland Co, PA; she native of Wayne Co, OH; came to Wms Co bef 1848; he d. 19 May 1892

M Esther A. Poast, 14 Sept 1875; d/o John and Catherine Rodkey Poast of Wms Co; b. 19 May 1852, Bryan, OH; her father d.15 Dec 1862; her mother d. 24 Feb 1897

Children - Carmie A, Winnie A, dec, Vena A, Loyal A


P99 - Oscar Eaton (26 July 1847, Ridgeway, Lenawee Co, MI - 22 June 1895, Cleveland, OH) - see Morrison

Grandfather Heaton James Eaton (b. 12 Feb 1771, Tunbridge, Orange Co, VT); m Mary Brockelbank

Father Christopher Columbus Eaton (b. 3 Nov 1810); m Eleanor Lamberson, 24 Dec 1835, she b. 25 Aug 1817

M Mrs. Harriet Wilber Morrison, 5 Nov 1873, Tecumseh, MI

Came to Wms Co 1875 to Bryan, OH

Child Oscar Seaborn Eaton


P44 - Lafayette G. Ely (b. Knox Co, OH) - picture

Grandfather Asher Ely b 1788 NJ to PA 1795; W1812 vet; to Knox Co, OH 1826

Parents George Ely and Elizabeth Folck, m. Knox Co, OH; to Brady Twp, Wms Co 1835

M1. Sarah S. Masters d/o Ezekiel Masters of Franklin Twp, Fulton Co, OH, 12 Nov 1857

Sarah d. 16 May 1885

M2. Mrs. Mary Wood, 30 Dec 1886


P357 - Oren Elbridge Ensign (b. 29 Nov 1831, Painesville, Lake Co, OH)

Grandfather - William Ensign, native of MA; Rev War vet, d. Madison, Lake Co, OH

Father - Oren Ensign, b.1785, Pittsfield, Berkshire Co, MA; later moved to Lake Co, OH; m. Nancy Pepoon, 1795; she native of Hatford, CT, d/o Lewis Pepoon, Rev War vet; 1836 to Farmer Twp, Defiance Co, OH where he d. 1857; she d. Beloit, WI

M Clarissa L. Dunkle, 9 Apr 1857, Toledo, Lucas Co, OH; b.13 June 1839, Canandaigua, NY; d/o Charles and Minerva Coller Dunkle; came to Center Twp, Wms Co before 1850

Children - Marvin A, dec, Albert E, dec, Clara E Scott (Matus), Adda R Woods (John)


P382 - Eli Farnham (b. 28 Mar 1843, St. Joseph Twp, Wms Co, OH); CW Vet Co K 68th OVI

Parents - Daniel and Caroline Sawyer Farnham; he b. Windham Co, CT 17 jan 1811; came to Wms Co 1835; m. 6 Oct 1840, she b. 13 Sept 1818, NY; he d. 27 Dec 1896; children: Leander, Eli A, Myron C, Marian R, Darwin A, twins daus, dec, Irmina, Ella, Elnora, Inez V

M Emma Rathbun, Lodi, Columbia Co, WI; she b 5 Feb 1855, CT; d/o William s. Rathbun

Children - Harry R, Waldo C, Irma, dec, Eli A, Emma, Dana (twins)


P546 - Elmer E. Firestone (b. 16 Nov 1865, Waterford, IN)

M Helen M. Blaker,1889, Hillsdale, MI; d/o John Blaker; she native of Wms Co

Children - Lois, Maym, Charles, Helen


P539 - Charles A. Freeland (b. 7 Mar 1861, Jonesville, Hillsdale Co, MI)

To Montpelier Jan 1890

M1 Mary Blood, 1884, Hillsdale Co, MI; she d. there 1887; children - Mabel, Cassius

M2 Cornelia Blood, 1888, his sister-in-law; children - Charles, Donald, Russell


P414 - William D. Fried (18 Aug 1842, Stark Co, OH); CW Vet 128th OVI

Grandfather - Henry Fried of Germany to PA to Stark Co, OH then Wms Co, OH; d.1859

Parents - Joseph and Anna Davis Fried; came to Wms Co 1858; he d.1863; children: Eliza J Cogswell (J), William D, Catherine Kale (J), Ellazan, George, dec, Amy, dec, Cora Hornish (P); mother mar Henry Layman of Defiance Co; she d. 1886

M Lydia Brown, 1868; b. 11 July 1847, Hancock Co, OH; d/o Rev John and Lucinda Briggs Brown, natives of Stark Co, OH; came to Wms Co 1848; children: 6 dec in childhood, Malon, dec, Lydia, Sanford, Hariette Kunkle, Manuel

Children - Della, dec, Delbert, Effa Martin (Charles), Dessie, dec, Ora, Cora (twins), Vallie, John J, CarmaB.


P101 - Peter Gares (22 Dec 1836, Bavaria, Germany - 30 Sept 1897, Tiffin Twp, Defiance Co, OH)

Came to US 1839 to Richland Co, OH; to Wms Co 1842

Parents Jacob and Mary Elizabeth Drum Gares; son Peter eldest of 8 children

Peter res of Tiffin Twp, Defiance Co, OH

M Christina Toberen, 2 Dec 1858; b. 5 Apr 1837, Tiffin Twp; d/o Henry and Elizabeth Beiderwell Toberen, natives of Prussia, Germany; first to Massillon, OH

Children John W, Jacob H, Orestes P, Mary E, Frederick W, 4 youngsters, dec, Sarah dec


P279 - Jacob Garver (b. 4 Apr 1829, Fayette Co, PA)

Grandfather Martin Garver, Sr., native of Washington Co, MD, b. 29 Mar 1764; d. 19 Apr 1850, Tuscarawus Co, OH

Father Martin Garver, Jr., b 1804, Fayette Co, PA; m. Susan Shaffer, b. 1808, also native of Fayette Co, PA; m c1829 and moved to Tuscarawus Co, OH; moved to Wms Co 1853; he d. Williams Center 1864; she d. Bryan, 31 Jan 1897; children: Jacob, John, George, Anna, Mary, Benjamin, David, Martin V.

M Catherine Garver, Aug 1851, Tuscarawus Co, OH; b. 16 Aug 1829, Fayette Co, PA; d/o Joseph Garver, d. 1882, Wayne Co, OH

Children - Franklin, Jane Donze (Peter),dec, Susan, Alma, dec, Ada Musser (William F), Edward, Charles

Came to Wms Center May 1852


P402 - Martin V. Garver (b. 17 June 1848, Bucks Twp, Tuscarawus Co, OH)

Father - Martin Garver, b. 1804; m. Susan Shaffer; came to Bryan,Wms Co 1852

M Ella Lane, 1872

Children - Mabel, Olive


P189 - Dr. Richard Gaudern (b. 26 July 1832, Oneida Co, NY); CW Vet 68th Bat OVI

Parents Richard and Abigail Stewart Gaudern; he b. England; twice a widower before traveling to US where he mar Abigail d/o Solomon W. Stewart of Hudson, NY; 1835 to Coshocton Co, OH; 1840 to Bridgewater Twp, Wms Co, OH; children: William, Catherine Perkey (Judge), Abigail Champion, Theodosia Graves; he d1850; she d1872

M1 Lucinda Pennell, 1857; d/o Reverend Abram Pennell of NY; she d. Sept 1862; child died at age 3

M2 Lucia R. Pitts, 1863 of NY, d/o Peter Pitts; she d. 1870

Children Abigail S., Bessie, Edward (Cora Patten)

M3 Mrs. Mary Jane Gross, 1874; d/o John Kelly


P425 - Joseph Greek (b. 12 Jan 1844, Richland Co, OH) CW Vet Co F 38th OVI; Co H 68th OVI

Parents - Frederick and Margaret Brubaker Greek, b. PA; 1840 to Richland Co, OH; then Hancock Co, OH; in 1850 to Madison Twp, Wms Co, OH; children: 2 infants dec, John, Elizabeth Conley, Fanny Hendrix, dec, Nancy Burkholder, Joseph, George, Wesley B, Elias, Martha Gill, Jane Throne, William F, Margaret Oxinger

M1 Malissa M. West, 15 Oct 1867; native of Stark Co, OH; came to Wms Co 1863; she d. 19 Jan 1886

Children - Ada Wolcott, Amanda Weidner, Emerson C, Arthur J, Carrie L, dec

M2 Sarah J. Drum, Sept 1888; she b. 1858, PA; came to Wms Co 1860

Children - Carl E (b. 3 Feb 1890), Glen D (b. 23 Sept 1894)

Res. Millcreek Twp, Wms Co, OH


P295 - John C. Grim (b. 14 July 1857, Bryan, Wms Co, OH)

Parents Joseph S. and Allison Cairns Grim; he b. Stark Co, OH; she b. Scotland; he CW vet Co H 25th OVI; he d. honey Hill, SC Dec 1864; she d. 5 May 1891, Bryan; children: Martha, Margaret, dec, John C, Andrew, dec, Francis

M Myrtle Lockhart, 7 Apr 1886; d/o Clark and Martha Towers Lockhart; he d. Ashland Co, OH; widow mar John Scott of Springfield Twp

Children - Florence, Ruth E, Leland


P580 - Doctor Blair Hagerty (b. 14 Dec 1840, Bridgewater Twp, Wms Co, OH); CW Vet Co F 47th Illinois VI

Parents - Blair and Rebecca Goodrich Haggerty, natives of Washington Co, PA; to Wms Co 1844; he d. here @84Y; she d. spring 1897; children - Joseph, James, Blair, Spencer, Almyra, Elizabeth, Rhoda


P570 - Jacob Conrad Halm (b. 15 July 1864, Defiance Co, OH)

Grandfather Jacob Halm

Father Jacob Halm b. 1834, Baltmannsweiler, Schorndorf, Kingdom of Wurtemberg)

;came to US 1854; 1858 to Ohio; to Wms Co 1863; m Caroline Kissel, NYC, 20 Oct 1858; she d. June 1895, Bryan

M Millie Rankert, 15 Dec 1887, d/o Michael Rankert of Bryan

Children - lauren, Jacob, Arthur


P444- George Hamet (b. 11 Jan 1847, Pickaway Co, OH); CW Vet Co F 182nd OVI

Parents - John E. and Rhoda Warren Hamet; came back to Wms Co 1851; he d.1872; she d1894; children - George W, John F, Amanda Matoon (JA), Ella, dec, Philip

M Amelia Pepple, b. 9 Jan 1847,Stark Co, OH, d/o William and Amelia Irwin Pepple; came to Wms Co 1857; he d1875; she d1897; children - Catherine, Caroline Lambert(R), Walter, dec,, Tisby Vaus (WH), Sarah Vaus (WH - 2nd wife), Amelia, Winfield, dec

Children - Herman, b1879, and Mabel, b1881


P225 - Dr. Frank O. Hart (22 May 1855, Wms Co, OH-10 Oct 1898; buried Lockport Cem)

Grandfather Bliss Hart of Hartford, CT

Parents Julius C. and Martha M. Fish Hart; he b. Trumbull Co, OH; 1840's to Wms Co; he d. 1 May 1870; she d. 1862; children: Frank O, Cains O, Flora J Parlette (Reverend)

M Celestia A. Arter, Dec 1878 of Crawford Co, OH; d/o CM and Harriet Arter; CM to Wms Co 1842; she d 1883; children: Celestia, Samantha Lash, Libby, Harriet Weaver, Clara Kaufman (AE)

Daughter Lena May, b 1 Jan 1882


P376 - Erastus Hoadley (3 Jan 1833, Columbiana Co, OH); CW Vet 189th OVI

Grandparents - Gideon and Sarah Storm Hoadley of CT; d. Columbiana Co, OH; children: Harvey, dec, Ebenezer, dec, Erastus, dec, Hiram, Mary Hadley, Clarinda Borland, Matia Ditcheon

Parents - Hiram and Elizabeth Davis Hoadley; he lived in Mahoning and Trumbull Cos, OH; m in Columbiana Co, OH, came to Wms Co 1868; he d. 1895, she d. 1893; children: Erastus, Sarah Cortney, John D, dec, Hiram Jr, Mary Brosius

Came to Wms Co 1853

M1 Sophia Morris, 1855, Columbiana Co, OH; native of Beaver Co, PA; d/o Jonathan and Sophia Baker Morris; she d1884

Children - Willis E, Eva Cummings, Dimma B

M2 Mrs. Angeline Hoadley, 1890; her children by 1st marriage - Mary, Annie, Jennie; d/o Stephen and Laura A. Palmer Calvin of CT

Lived in Edon, OH


P435 - A. R. Hyatt (b. 7 Sept 1846, Lockport, Wms Co, OH); CW Vet Co C 38th OVI

Grandfather - Meshack Hyatt of Wayne Co, OH

Parents - Seth B and Eleanor Bodel Hyatt of OH; came to Wms Co 1843; wife Eleanor inherited land entered by her father Robert Bodel, 1820; he born in Scotland and died in Wms Co 1840; unnamed wife d. 1867;  Bodel children- Alexander, Eleanor, Isabel Cox (F); Eleanor d.28 Feb 1854; Hyatt children - AR, Sarah Haigh (GW), Cordelia Herald; Seth moved to Bryan, OH; m 2nd time 1856, Emily Keeler, d/o Lewis and Rebecca Stevens Keeler; he died May 1883

M Emily Boothman, 1873; she b 5 Nov 1848, d/o Lemuel L and Melliasendria Hart Boothman, natives of Trumbull Co, OH; children - Adeline Thomas, Melvin, Emily, Lewis, Rollin, Ellery, Juliam, Mina, William, Florence, dec; her grandfather Thomas Boothman

Children - Donald, Conroy, Mina, Emily


P372 - Thomas H. Imes (b. 2 Oct 1833, Morrow Co, OH) CW Vet Co K 81st OVI

Moved to Wyandot Co, OH 1866; fall 1868 to Superior Twp,Wms Co, OH; spring 1870 to Pulaski Twp, Wms Co, OH; then to Williams Center, Center Twp, Wms Co, OH

M. Lydia Jane Russell, in Morrow Co, OH; b. 25 Mar 1834, Muskingum Co, OH

Children - William C (Estella Clemens), Ina


P122 - Solomon Johnson, Judge (b. 2 Mar 1850, German Twp, Fulton Co, OH) - picture

Parents George and Catherine Krontz Johnson; he d. 28 Nov 1855; children - Sarah Urger (William), Solomon, Simon

Came to Springfield Twp, Wms Co 1861

M Florence M. Bostater, 14 Sept 1882, Madison Twp, Wms Co; b. 14 Mar 1862, Wms Co; d/o Dr. Andrew J. Bostater

Children Frank (b. 7 Apr 1884), Walter (b. 10 Feb 1886), Robert (b. 19 Sept 1890), Albert (b. 1 Nov 1897)


P526 - John Milton Killits (b. 7 Oct 1858, Lithopolis, Fairfield Co, OH)

Parents - Andrew Welser and Clarissa Crumley Killits; to Wms Co 1867; children - John, Charles, Miner, George, Arthur, all of Chicago except John

Prosecuting attorney in the State of Ohio v Elkins and State of Ohio v Plummer (See Native Sons Gone Wrong, Lash, 2000)

M Alice Stuart, 1887, b. 1863 Corpus Christi, TX; d/o Cpt Alexander S. and Emily Nourse Stuart

Children - Alice, Edith


P65 - Henry Kimble (b. 15 Dec 1842, Springfield Twp, Wms Co, OH; d. 31 Jul 1896, Pulaski Twp); CW vet, Co D 38th OVI

Father Daniel Kimble of NY to Springfield Twp; died there @51Y

M Sarah Treon, 30 Sept 1866; b. 26 Aug 1848, Montgomery Co, OH, d/o Henry Treon, to Wms Co 1854; he d. Pulaski Twp 16 Jan 1867

Children Mary L. Himes (William), William H (Corda Grey), Oris F (Della Herd), Cora B Dohner (Chandler), Henry B, dec, Harry E.


P477 - John C. Kunkle (b. 8 Oct 1860, Madison Twp, Wms Co, OH)

Grandparents - Henry and Mary Stone Kunkle; to Wms Co 1853; children - Jacob, John, Mary A, William Henry, George, Jeremiah; m2 and had Benjamin, dec, Adam, David, Eliza; he d 1871

Parents - Henry S. and Matilda J. Baltosser Kunkle; he b. 23 Dec 1823, Perry Co, PA; m Feb 1856; she b 4 Feb 1834, Perry Co, PA; she d/o Daniel and Mary Long Baltosser who came to Wms Co 1867; Baltosser children - George, John, Matilda, Margaret, Samuel, dec, William; Kunkle children - Mary A, Martha J. Stiving (Peter), John C, Ira H

M Civilla L. Stiving, 1882; b. 29 July 1863, Wms Co, d/o Philip and Leah Dohm Stiving

Children - Henry, Lauren, John, Lefa


P514 - Doctor R. F. Lamson (b. 20 Feb 1838, Licking Co, OH); CW Vet 78th OVI

Parents - Andrew and Clarinda Hughes Lamson; she lived in Bryan c1899; he d. Wms Co 1896

M Elizabeth Wanzor, 1861, b. Madison Co, OH, 10 May 1841; d/o Ransford and Elizabeth Burt Wanzor, Quakers

Res Bridgewater Twp 1865, later Bryan


P553 - William Lash (b. 19 Nov 1825, Wayne Co, OH)

Parents - Henry S. and Nancy Craven Lash

M Elizabeth Maxwell, 14 Oct 1847, Wayne Co, OH; d/o William and Isabella Johnson Maxwell

Children - 3 infants dec, Henry, Elizabeth Strain (George), Isabella Huber (HH), Louisa Greer (F), Laura Denious (CF), Ida Miller (Wilbur)

To Florence Twp,Wms Co 1850; 1871 moved to Hicksville, Defiance Co, OH


P523 - Doctor Henry C. Lindersmith (b. 12 Oct 1867, Montpelier, Wms Co, OH)

Parents - George W. and Frances Umbenhour Lindersmith

M 14 Apr 1897, in Sherwood, Defiance Co, OH, Mary E. clark. D/o William Clark of Mark Twp, Defiance Co


P427 - Henry Mark (b. 26 Mar 1845, Columbiana Co, OH)

Parents - Christian and Catherine Hess Mark, natives of Germany; came to US 1834; she b. Rottenburg, Germany, 11 Oct 1818; mar 1834, New York City; then moved to Columbiana Co, OH; in 1849 moved to Wms Co; children: William, dec, George, dec, Jacob, dec, Eliza Huntington, John, Henry, Hannah Rockey, Rachel Ertrich, Mary Gearhart, Lovenia Goshorn, Harriet Kane

M Achsah A. Martin, 1871; d/o Harrison A. and Elizabeth Dolvin Martin; came to Wms Co 1847; children: Elmira, dec, William W, Achsah A

Children - Charles W (b. 29 Sept 1872), Alta M (d. 27 Aug 1878), Ida M, twin (d.3 Sept 1878), Ernest H (b. 4 May 1879)


P276 - Jonathan Markel (b. 1 Jan 1825, Pickaway Co, OH)

Parents Abraham and Mary Stumpf Markel, natives of Berks Co, PA; he d. Mar 1845, Pickaway Co, OH; she d. Jefferson Twp, Wms Co; children: Amos, Jacob, Margaret, Mary, Jonathan, Hester, 2 infants dec

Came to Wms Co spring 1845; 1849 settled in Pulaski Twp

M Sarah Jane Clampitt, 4 July 1840; b. 8 May 1825, Wayne Co, IN; d/o John and Mary Beeson Clampitt, natives of Guilford Co, NC; came to Pulaski Twp 1840; he d. 2 June 1854; she d. 21 Feb 1882; children: Sarah J, David A, Elizabeth E, Edward B, Benjamin F, Mary, Samantha C, John W, Jabez B

Children - Sarah E. Boynton (now wife of Bartlett Thompson), Florence Rose Leek (now wife of Sherman Kelly)


P238 - George L. Martin (b. 11 Dec 1818, Beaver Co, PA)

Parents James and Mary Lasure Martin; he b.1781 Westmoreland Co, PA; to Wms Co 1833; later returned to PA, he d. 1862; she b. 1784; d. 1874; also had hotel near Darlington, Beaver Co, PA; children: Daniel, dec, Hugh, John, dec, Elizabeth, Jesse, dec, Milo, dec, George L, Eliza Elder (J), dec, Robert, dec, Maria Akins, dec, James Powers, dec

Came to Evansport, OH 1843; then to West Unity area

M Mary Mahan, 11 July 1843, PA; she b. 4 Dec 1821, Washington Co, PA; d. 23 June 1883

Children: Anna Bailey, James E (Hannah Fox), Mary, Robert, Clarkson, Cassius C (Blanche Besancon), Jessie, dec


P228 - Dr. Daniel Colborne McTaggart (b. 19 July 1856, Canada)

Grandfather John McTaggart of Tarbert, Argyleshire, Scotland to Elgin Co, Canada West 1844; m. Sarah Love

Father Donald McTaggart, b 1814, Scotland; m1. Miss Esseltine in Canada; children: John, Isaac; she died; m2 Sarah House, d/o Henry and Sarah Bacon House; children: Henry Alexander, Daniel C, Mary Healey (William H.), Sarah M, dec; he d.1891, Canada

Came to Wms Co 1887

M Addie E. White, 6 Dec 1880, Mapleton, Ontario, Canada; d/o Frederick and Elizabeth Hull White; he b. Stuttgart, Germany to Mapleton, Ontario

Children - Eva A (6 Sept 1881 - 27 June 1896), Hazel S. (b. 11 Dec 1885), Mildred (b. 10 Mar 1889), Kenneth White (b. 25 June 1897)


P82 - Horace P. Miller (b. 24 Sept 1848, Lockport, OH)

Grandfather Jonathan Miller from Germany to Tompkins Co, NY (d1816)

Father William Miller (b1808); to Akron, Summit Co, OH 1830; m1832, Phoebe Parker, d/o Richard Parker; later moved to Lockport, Wms Co; he d. 16 Dec 1877, Lockport; she d. 1894 Lockport; children: Malissa, dec, Richard, dec, Charity M Caulkins (CD), Horace P, Alice J. Holton (John L), Martha, dec, Wiliam P

M Jennie S. Beaty, 22 Sept 1870; b.7 Oct 1850, West Unity, Wms Co; d/o George Beaty

Children Frank G (b 26 July 1871), Claude W (17 Apr 1875 - 27 June 1895, Los Angeles, CA), Gracie (4 Aug 1883 - 24 Feb 1884), Glenn B (b 13 June 1886)

Later moved to Defiance


P385 - William C. Miller (b. 10 Nov 1834, Richland Co, OH)

Grandfather - Peter Miller of PA to Stark Co, OH 1808

Parents - John and Rebecca Carl Miller of Pa and OH, respectively; m. Columbiana Co, OH; came to Wms Co 1834; 1865 to Bryan, OH; 1874 Waterloo, IN; then back to Edgerton, OH where he d. 7 Sept 1888; wife d/o Richard Carl; she d. 1892

M Margaret L. Rowles, 10 Mar 1864; d/o Alfred M and Matilda Green Rowles; came to Bryan 1845

Children - Edwin U (Harriet Miguery), Carrie B Vaneer, John, Otis R, Hernando


P96 - William Wilber Morrison (b. Wms Co, OH) - see Eaton

Grandfather Daniel Morrison, from Rutland, VT to Richland Co, OH; Grandmother Catherine Crowley, Quaker

Father Dr. William C. Morrison from Richland Co to West Unity, Wms Co, OH; d. Jan 1865; m1 Mary Spencer; child Homer Morrison; m2 Harriet Wilber, 6 Aug 1853; children William Wilber, Olive Louise; widow Harriet Morrison married Oscar Eaton, 1873, Tecumseh, MI

M Blanche Long, 4 Aug 1891


P308 - John George Neff (b. 15 Mar 1834, Westmoreland Co, PA)

Father - Christopher Neff of Westmoreland Co, PA; m. Barbara Struble, b. 1804, Wittenburg, Germany; came to US 1818; children: William, dec, Emmanuel, Israel, dec, Salathiel, dec, John George, Christopher, dec, Michael, dec, Matilda, Mary Ann, dec, Amanda, dec

M. Mary Garver, b. 2 Apr 1856, Fayette Co, PA, d/o Joseph and Jane Garver of Fayette Co, PA; later moved to Wayne Co, OH

Came to Bryan, Wms Co Mar 1868

Children - Benjamin F, James L, Jane Fox (JA), Joseph W, Christopher C, Anna Weaver (WO), Belle Hoag (George B), George, Charles


P437 - Orlando F. Oberlin (b. 1 Apr 1846, Holmes Co, OH); CW Vet Co H 38th OVI

Parents - Jacob and Rosanna Lautzbaugh Oberlin; he b. 1810, Stark Co, OH; she b. 1798 PA; came to Jefferson Twp fall 1854; he d.19 Feb 1894; children - Orlando, amanda, Maria, Hiram, Milton, Mary, Alice

M Althea Reed, 1 Jan 1872, Jefferson Twp; she b. 23 Sept 1849, Jefferson Twp d/o George Reed

Children - Roy(Elizabeth Barkdoll), Theodore


P599 -Sylvester Oberlin (b. 6 July 1866, Jefferson Twp, Wms Co, OH)

Parents - Hiram and Melissa Snear Oberlin

M Eva Kunkle, 5 June 1890, d/o George Kunkle

Child - Earl K


P448 - Emerson B. Opdycke (b. 12 Aug 1848, Jefferson Twp, Wms Co, OH)

Parents - John and Harriet C. Baird Opdycke; he b. Trumbull Co, OH; came to Wms Co 1848; married Harriet of OH; he d. 26 Aug 1895; she d. 23 June 1896; children - Emerson B, Bettie, Charles D, Wilbur

M Sarah A. Roth, 19 April 1877, Pulaski Twp; she native of Fulton Co, OH, d/o Christian Roth

Children - Winnifred, John G, Waldo E, Bessie, Lucile, Alfred, Carlton


P460 - John Orewiler (b. 9 Jan 1827, Richland Co, OH); CW Vet 142nd OVI

Parents - Adam Orewiler, of Kentucky to PA; 1820 to Richland Co; and Nancy Wallupof Ireland; children - John, Ellen Alleman (A), David, Barbara Cline, Eli, dec, Sarah Kohler (J), Henry, Mary Boggs (WJ), Hiram, 3 dec infants Nancy, Samuel, Margaret

M 1848, Mary J. Keiser, b Wayne Co, OH, 11 Dec 1826, d/o Jacob Keiser of PA to Wayne, Richland, Wms Cos, d1881; wife d. 1883, Prattville, MI; children - Sallie, Nancy, Mary, John, Henry, Jacob, Elizabeth, Catherine, Elias, Samuel, Lucinda, George

Children - Elizabeth, dec, Nancy Weaver, Jacob, Anna Belcher, Sarah Umbenhaur, Adam, Warren, Luella, Cimmiottee Bigbee

Wife Mary d. 3 Jan 1891

Res Madison Twp; lived with dau Mrs. Bigbee


P185 - Robert N. Patterson, editor of "Bryan Democrat", founded 30 Apr 1863 (b. 19 Jan 1831, Delaware Co, OH)

Grandfather Thomas Patterson of Ayrshire, Scotland to US 1771 Chester Co, Pa; Rev War veteran; m. Jane Slack; moved to Huntingdon, PA; he d.1812

Father Andrew H. Patterson b1808, Huntingdon, PA; 1828 to Wooster, Lancaster, and Delaware, OH; d. 29 Aug 1863, Bryan, OH; m 1830 Roxana Lorena Vining, d/o Elam and Elizabeth Carter Vining

M Jennie Fulkerson, 1852, Marion, OH

Children Cora Obrist (Andrew J), Adelaide Powell (Joseph), Medary M (Cora Mason), Mary, Ida, dec, Archie, dec


P300 - John Reynolds (b. 28 Nov 1830, Litchfield Co, CT)

Grandfather - David Reynolds, native of CT; children: Josiah, Albert, Erastus, Sophia Pool, Clarinda Wheaton, Sylvia Beardsley, Chloe Brown

Father - Erastus Reynolds, b. CT; d. 1834

Mother - Elizabeth Coggshall d/o John Coggshall of CT

Mother with three children moved to Huron Co, OH 1838; m2. Mr. Foote who died 15 years later; she moved 1861 to home of son John Reynolds; then 1875 to Huron Co, OH; d. 1882; children: William, Josephine, dec, John, Josephine Hopkins

Came to Bridgewater Twp,Wms Co 1851

M 1858, Lydia Barnes, b. 1838, Huron Co, OH; d/o Henry and Almira Green Barnes of VT /NY; Quakers; came to Wms Co 1852; he d. 1876; she d. 1871; children: Laura Huston, Louisa Davis (S), Daniel, Lydia

Children - Flora, Walter, dec, Laura Drake (S), Hattie Wiseman (G), Herbert


P251 - Carlton S. Roe, editor of "Bryan Press" (b. 27 June 1864, Buchanan, Berrien Co, MI)

Parents Reverend William M. and Harriet Whitman Roe

Came to Bryan in 1884

M Hattie Moore, 1888

Children boy (unnamed b. 14 June 1890) and girl (unnamed b. 17 Sept 1892)


P361 - Michael W. Schaeffer (b. 26 Sept 1832, Montgomery Co, OH)

Parents - John C. and Mary Winters Schaeffer, of Germany and MD, respectively

Came to Evansport, OH Sept 1840; Feb 1841 to Springfield Twp, Wms Co, OH; he d. 7 Oct 1851; she d. 15 Mar 1883

M Nancy Grimes, 11 May 1856, Evansport, OH; d/o Richard and Jane Elizabeth Duffy Grimes; b. 27 July 1837, Henry Co, OH

Children - Ina M. Slusser (M), Ambrose H (Flora Swank), Alta M. Christy (Elmer), Sarah Ditto (EL), Mary Reynolds (FH), Thomas J (Margaret Prettyman), Katie I, Evan VD, Ollie E, Fred W


P331 - John Ellsworth Scott (18 Aug 1861, Wms Co, OH)

Parents - Dr. William C. and Elizabeth Millhouse Scott

M Addie Fisher, 6 Oct 1886, Wms Co; d/o James Fisher of Center Twp, Wms Co

Child - Winifred


P265 - Reverend George W. Sellers (b. 3 Dec 1853, Tiffin, Seneca Co, OH)

Grandfather Frederick Sellers, Sr. of Germany to US 1820 to Seneca Co, OH

Parents Frederick and Hannah Shidler Sellers, Jr.; he b. 1817, Germany; d. 7 Oct 1892, Wood Co, OH @74Y; she d. 1893; children: Jacob, dec, David, Elizabeth, Frederick, Reuben, George W, Jesse, Anna, Andrew

Came to Center Twp, Wms Co Feb 1881

M Isabella Brown, 20 Dec 1876, Wms Co, OH; b. 29 Aug 1855, Wms Co, d/o Jacob and Catherine Brown

Children - OV (b. 27 Feb 1883), Lowell (b. 30 May 1885), Arthur L. (b. 24 Feb 1887), Edith (25 Mar 1890)


P391 - Israel S. Shankster (b. 30 July 1837, Jefferson Twp, Wms Co, OH)

Parents - John and Nancy Streets Shankster of Jefferson Twp

M Mary Hoff

Children - Mildred, Carrie, Clyde


P496 - Joseph Shultz (b. 5 Apr 1830, Knox Co, OH)

Parents - William and Barbara Snyder Shultz; he b. MD then to Stark Co, OH; then m. Richland Co where wife died; then m2 Catharine Long; came to Wms Co 1848; he d. Hamer, OH 1870; wife Catharine d. 1876

M 1855, Nancy J. Aungst of Richland Co, OH, d/o Samuel and Catharine Spades Aungst who both d. Richland Co; she d. Mar 1896

Children - Catherine Tressler, George W, Sarah Lattaner, (George), dec, Arwildia


P490 - Henry Snyder (b.18 Nov 1843, Morrow Co, OH); CW Vet Co F 182nd OVI

Parents - John and Mary Held Snyder;  children - Leah, Abram, Jacob, Henry, David, Jonas, Henry; he d. 1851 IN; widow m. Frame Freeman of England; had children William and Jennie; Mary Held d/o Henry Held, settler in Wms Co who d1864; Held children - Lewis, Henry, Christ, Daniel, Mary, Sally, Peggy, Harriet, Katherine

M1 Eliza J. Reynolds, 1870; b.30 Oct 1846, Richland Co, OH; d/o Benjamin Reynolds; came to Wms Co 1848; he d. 1890; wife d.1887; Reynolds children - Jacob, Hezekiah, Eliza, Henry, Mary, Franklin

Children - William, Benjamin, Lewis, Charles; their mother Eliza d. 13 Mar 1893

M2 Mrs. Sirena J. Shultz, b. 20 Nov 1847, d/o IN Sheets who came to Wms Co 1852 from Columbiana Co; Sirena widow of Samuel J. Shultz by whom had son Earl Shultz; also m Charles Chancy bef Shultz


P455 - George W. Stiving (b.15 Jan 1851, Richland Co, OH)                  

Peter O. Stiving (b. 19 Aug 1854, Richland Co, OH

Parents - Philip and Leah Dohm Stiving; Leah b. York Co, PA 1823, d/o Christian Dohm

George M Anna Kiser, of Fulton Co, OH, d/o John Kiser of Germany; she d. 4 Jan 1893; one infant dec; since Anna's death George lived with brother Peter

Peter M1  Martha J. Kunkle, d/o HS Kunkle; she b. Wms Co; d 1881

Peter M2 Mary Wallace, 22 Jan 1868, Millcreek Twp, Wms Co, d/o Lockwood and Emily Stantz Wallace, of NY and Crawford Co, OH, respect, but m in Wms Co, came here 1847; children - Mary E, Liddia, Rosa

Children - Martha b. 2 Jan 1888, Grover b. 31 July 1891, Bessie b. 17 Apr 1894


P438 - Jacob W. Stiving (b. 23 Aug 1847, Richland Co, OH)

Parents - Philip and Leah Dohm Stiving; he b. 9 May 1821, River Rhine, Baden, Germany, s/o Jacob and Savilla Weidner Stiving; parents to Wms Co 1856; he d. spring 1888; she d. Oct 1888; children - Catherine Weidner, Jacob, Mary Traxler, George, Sarah A. Greek, Peter, Emma Keller, Savilla Kunkle

M Nancy Yocum, 1877, b. 28 Oct 1856, Wms Co; d/o Lemuel and Elizabeth Martin Yocum of Wayne Co, OH and PA, respectively; came to Wms Co 1842; children - Andrew, Mary, dec, Nancy E, Henry, dec

Children - Arthur, Cornelius, Claudiuous, b1 Feb 1886


P466 - John A. Stough (b. 17 Nov 1848, Wayne Co, OH)

1853 to Fulton Co, OH; 1880 to Springfield Twp, Wms Co, OH

M - Laura Cunningham, 22 Oct 1871, Fulton Co; she native of Trumbull Co, OH

Children - Mary Himes (WW), David B.


P445 - Matthias Thiel (b.16 May 1847, NY)

Parents - Michael and Margaret Welter Thiel; came to Seneca Co, OH; c1865 to Wms Co where parents died; had 7 children

M Eliza Huber, 13 June 1871, d/o Anthony Huber of Defiance Co

Children - Anthony J, Michael L, Arvilla F, Agatha H, Clara E, dec

After marriage moved to Sec 7, Mark Twp, Defiance Co


P416 - Walter S. Tomlinson (b. 16 June 1843, Bryan, Wms Co, OH) CW Vet Co A 38th OVI

Parents - Giles H and Eunice Ensign Tomlinson; children: Walter S, Dwight O, Frank A; she d. Sept 1854, Wms Center; Giles mar Electa Hemenway

M Emily Lane, 3 Jan 1867, Farmer Twp, Defiance Co, OH; b 16 Apr 1848, Tuscarawus Co, OH; d/o John and Elizabeth Allabaugh Lane

Children - Orlo L, Eva T Bender (WH)


P49 - Andrew Jackson Tressler (b. 26 Oct 1818, Canton, Stark Co, OH; d. 30 May 1892, Bryan, Wms Co, OH)

Father Jonathan Tressler of Stark Co, OH

Came to Wms Co 1839; to Bryan 1840

M1 Oleva Kent, first marriage celebrated in Bryan; she died 1868

Children Arminda, dec, Ellen, Andrew, Bryon, dec, Elmore

M2 Emmeline L. Richardson, 8 Nov 1871, d/o Richard and Anna Hendricks Richardson of West Unity (1798-1880) and (1804-1880), respectively; married in 1821, Lisbon, Columbiana Co, OH; to Wms Co 1853; their children: James, dec, Mary Ann Chandler (Clark), dec, Miriam, dec, George, Jason, Elizabeth Webb (John), Emmeline Tressler (AJ)

Children Mrs. Annie R. Long (JP), Emma L., Austin J.


P604 - Henry Clay Umbenhaur (b. 8 Feb 1843, Taylorsville, Muskingum Co, OH); CW Vet Co A 142nd Indiana VI

Parents - Francis and Mary Sullivan Umbenhaur; to Wms Co 1859

M Sophia Hodson, 18 Jan 1872; d/o Thomas Hodson

Children - Mabel, Fred

Died 17 July 1898


P566 - James Waterston (b. 6 Mar 1837, Belmont Co, OH)

Parents - Alexander and Janet Forguson Waterston of Scotland; he b. 6 Mar 1805, Dalkeith, Scot; she b. Penicuick, Scot; m1829 Scot; came to US 1831 to W VA, then 1834 to Belmont Co; Sept 1843 to Bridgewater Twp, Wms Co; he d. 1875; she d. 1891; children - Alexander, dec, Janet, dec, Thomas, dec, James, David, dec, Benjamin, dec, William, Wallace, dec, Mary Haines, Elizabeth Culbertson

M 1864 Emily Branderberry, b. Ashland Co, OH, 19 Aug 1845 d/o Conrad and Jane Malcolm Branderberry; 1854 to Wms Co; children - Emily, Jason, Robert, Sarah, Abigail, James

Children - Emma, dec, Mary Wirts, Gertrude Close (W), Theodore, James


P326 - Philip Weidner (23 Aug 1840, Richland Co, OH); CW Vet 197th OVI

Parents - Wendal and Catherine Weidner Weidner, both b. on the Rhine, Baden, Germany; in 1831 came to US and settled in Richland Co, OH; he d.1873; she d. 1855

Children: Christine Pfingsday, William, Henry, George, Catherine, Philip, Elizabeth Dohm (J)

Came to Wms Co 1860

M 1867, Catherine E. Stiving, native of Richland Co, OH; d/o Philip and Leah Dohm Stiving; came to Wms Co 1856; children: Catherine, Jacob, Mary Traxler, George, Sarah A. Greek, Peter, Emma J. Keller, Savilla L Kunkle (J)

1876 settled in Kunkle, OH

Children - George, Homer, Laura


P231 - Dr. J. W. Williams (b. 15 Apr 1852, Superior Twp, Wms Co, OH)

Father Andrew S. Williams, killed in CW; m. Mary Ann White, Wms Co

M. Emma Starr, 28 Mar 1878, Montpelier, OH; d/o Richard and Mary A. Starr

Children - 3 infants dec, Richard Paul

Went to Los Angeles, CA for health


P152 - Albro Wirick, Sheriff of Wms Co, OH (b. 15 Dec 1860, Oregon, Holt Co, MO

Grandfather Peter Wirick of PA to Richland Co, OH; m. Deborah; 16 children

Father Jacob Wirick; m Elizabeth Garver of Hagerstown, Richland Co, OH; he went to CA to seek gold 1858, then Missouri; then aft Albro's birth to Richland Co, OH; then West Jefferson, Wms Co, OH; 1864 to Pioneer, OH; children: Sherman, Emerson, Albro, Sonora, Florous; he d. 17 Sept 1867; widow Elizabeth m. Benjamin Dee of Fayette, Fulton Co, dec

Traveled to Watertown, SD 1885; 1885-1886 to Alvordton, Wms Co


P375 - William Yeagly (b. 15 Nov 1833, Fayette Co, PA) CW Vet Co H 88th Indiana VI

Parents - Andrew and Catherine Dougherty Yeagly; natives of PA; moved to Richland Co, OH then Crawford Co, OH, then early 1850's to Wms Co, OH

M. Margaret Ann Hendershott, 29 Nov 1854, Wms Co; b. 5 Aug 1837, Columbiana Co, OH, d/o John and Charlotta Hendershott

Children - Blanche Donley (John), Andrew Parke, Lottie Winn (JW), Sherman, Madge Britton Yeagley, Ida, dec

Moved to Williams Center, Wms Co 1854; then DeKalb Co, IN; after CW to Wms Co; then to Washington Twp, Defiance Co, OH








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