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Twice a year "Ohio's Last Frontier" features ancestor charts from WCGS members. We  publish them in the winter issue, as well as in the summer issue. If interested, please contact:
Donna Myers for forms and information.

    We recommend the following guidelines for best reproduction  and security reasons:
Information should be typewritten. Please do not use a script type face.
Place your name and address on the chart.
Please use a four or five generation pedigree chart.
It is recommended that you DO NOT INCLUDE LIVING PERSONS on the chart.
    Submitters are encouraged to start their chart with a grandparent of great-grandparent, thereby eliminating the recording of any living person. However, if you must include someone who is living, give only their name, omitting dates and places.
In order for the charts to be accepted and published, please include the following statement on separate sheet of paper.

Letter of Acceptance

Date of Submission:_______________
I agree that this ancestor chart becomes the property of the Williams County Genealogical Society, and may be reproduced and/or published by the Society in any printed or electronic format.
                Print your name:____________________
                Sign your name:____________________
Send the ancestor charts and a copy of the letter of agreement to:


P.O. Box 293

Bryan, Ohio  43506-0293




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