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22 Aug 1894 Old Settlers Gathering

The following are the names of those who registered. A number of the old settlers failed to register.

      Name                            Date of settlement     Place of Settlement


Martin Perkey 1839 Florence
Mrs. Perkey 1840 Superior
J. W. Pollock 1848 Center
Mrs. J. W. Pollock    1859 Pulaski
Henry Hyatt 1850 Brady
W. E. Stough 1843 Pulaski
A. C. Dillman 1844 Center
J. B. Grim 1851 Jefferson
Philo Cleveland 1851 Pulaski
Wm. Conkling 1836 Center
Sarah Conkling 1841 Center
Jacob Zurer 1838 Jefferson
W. H. Durbin 1840 Jefferson
S. Gillis 1845 Florence
L. Poynter 1842 Jefferson
Jacob Ryan 1853 Pulaski
Jonathan Markel 1845 Pulaski
W. Strock 1855 Pulaski
B. Schmachtenberger  1847 Pulaski
John Nihart 1836 Center
W. S. Jones 1843 Florence
Mrs. M. J. Patton 1843 Jefferson
Cameron Van Wye 1843 Florence
Mrs. E. A.Carpenter 1849 Florence
Chas. L. Carpenter 1862 Florence
David Rodkey 1846 Center
J. M. Killits 1867 Pulaski
U. A. Wynn 1852 Brady
Isaiah Spangler 1836 Center
H. D. Alvord 1842 Millcreek
John Partee 1831 Washington
B. F. Ewan 1846 Jefferson
David Morrow 1854 Pulaski
Geo. Beatty 1845 Brady
Mrs. Beatty 1845 Brady
Mrs. Henry Hyatt 1850 Brady
S. M. Warrick 1847 Superior
W. M. Severence 1835 Millcreek
John Bowersox 1838 St. Joseph
Mrs.  J. Markel 1840 Pulaski
J. P. Dodge 1853 Center
Geo. R. Long 1850 Superior
J. C. Lesnet 1847 Superior
G. W. Harding 1862 Pulaski
Allen Knepper 1852 Superior
Andrew Calvin 1848 Pulaski
P. Goeltzenleuchter 1847 Florence
Will Wallace 1865 Center
E. Hillard 1861 Pulaski
W. M. Knepper 1852 Superior
Fred Klein 1869 Pulaski
S. Amsbaugh 1842 Millcreek
Mrs. Farnham 1838
John  B. Jones 1832 Pulaski
Daniel Farnham 1835 St. Joseph

                                                                                                          30 Aug 1894 Bryan Democrat p 5+8

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