Johannah Beaty vs William Beaty 

(Journal 12 p165 - 18 Dec 1883; Roll 39 case number 1168 - 2 July 1883)

            The couple was married in Bryan in 1881 (no month or day); nothing has been found in the marriage records.  Johannah stated in court that William was guilty of gross neglect.  On 15 Mar 1883 he choked and abused her.  He has been a habitual drunk for three years or more.  The case was dismissed.

            William Beaty was first married to Mrs. Maria Shoemaker Wilson in Wms Co on 13 Apr 1847 (Marriage V2 p96).  The Beaty family was listed in the 1870 Brady Twp federal census p5 as William 45 PA, Maria 41 OH with their children and Williamís mother Sarah 78 PA. They had the following children: Sarah, Laura Alwilda, Lorenzo Adam, Lavina, Delphine Delia, Adaline, and William C. Maria had a daughter Clarcy by her first husband.  Maria died c17 Jan 1879.  According to the 1880 Brady Twp federal census, p500C, the family was listed as William 56 PA widower, Leroy A (Lorenzo A) 27 OH, and Sarah 23 OH.   It is unclear whether the William of this divorce was this man, his son, or someone else.


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