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Gleanings for Wms Co, OH Ties in the "Butler Record", DeKalb Co, IN

By Pamela Pattison Lash

(This material was extracted from a series of newspaper obituaries; the first date for each person is the date in which the obit appeared; other pertinent data was copied as printed; if you find someone who fills a connection for you, it would be a good idea to consult the full obituary.)

15 Jan 1897 - James Burkhart

b. 29 June 1831, Greenburg, PA

d. 2 Jan 1897 @65Y 6M 3D, Butler, IN

came to Wms Co 1847

m. 1853, Eliza Bevers

8 children/7 survive (6 sons; 1 daughter) plus a brother

burial - Slater Cemetery

Note: found in 1850 St. Joseph Twp federal census - 10 Sept 1850

2 Oct 1896 - Mrs. A. E. (Venoah) Grindle

b. 17 May 1848, NY

d. 18 Sept 1898 @48Y 4M 1D

family kept handles and nameplate from coffin

m. Enoch Grindle, 16 July 1871

7 children/ 5 survive (4 sons; 3 daughters)

Note: found these names in various materials for this county

2 July 1897 - John Shaffer

b. 28 Aug 1809, Urweiler, Germany

d. 16 June 1897, home of E. Blum

m. Elizabeth Zabst, 1830

came to US 1835 to Crawford Co, OH; to 1865 Montpelier, OH; 1875 wife died and lived with children in Ashland, Crawford Co, OH

funeral in Montpelier

burial - Cogswell Cemetery, Wms Co, OH

23 July 1897 - Henry Kissinger

d. 23 July 1897, CW vet

burial - West Buffalo Cemetery, Wms Co, OH

4 Mar 1898 - Edward Wilson Eakright

b. 13 Aug 1857, Wilmington Twp, DeKalb Co, IN

d. 26 Feb 1898 @40Y 6M 13D

brother JJ Eakright; parents - Abraham and Susannah Arkwright

m. Susan Barnhart, daughter of John and Eliza Barnhart, 4 May 1884

children - Nora Effie, Earl Edwin

survived by wife, son, aged mother, 2 brothers, 2 sisters

burial - Mt. Pleasant Cemetery

Note: found Arkwright in NW Twp and Hillsdale Co, MI

18 Mar 1898 - James Steller (may be Stuller)

b. 11 Jan 1836, Carroll Co, OH

came to Edon with father in 1854

m. Phoebe Foster, 11 Apr 1857

5 children

moved to Edgerton on 3 Mar 1877; then spring of 1886 to Butler

survived by wife, 4 children, 4 brothers, 2 sisters

burial - Edgerton, OH, Wms Co, OH

6 May 1898 - Calcina Decker

wife of Isaiah Decker

b. 20 Jan 1828, Niles, Cayuga Co, NY

d. 25 Apr 1898 @70Y 8M 5D

age 18 in Huron Co, OH married Isaiah when he was 20

5 children/ 2 boys survive

burial - Greenwood Cemetery, Auburn, IN

relative - George Webber and wife of Bryan, OH

30 Sept 1898 - Sarah Simpkins Warner

b. 10 Oct 1820, Fayette Co, PA

d. 21 Sept 1898

came to OH with parents in 1834

m. John Warner in 1841; he died 1873

7 children/ 4 survive (only mentioned three): Lucinda Olive, w/o Rev Alonzo Gaff of Lagrange, George F of Edon, OH, Anna M w/o William A. Watson of Troy

11 Nov 1898 - Mrs. Josephine Lybold

b. 18 May 1828, Wittenburg, Germany

d. 2 Nov 1898 @70Y 5M 14D

came to US in 1850 and went to Carlisle, Holmes Co, OH

m1 Fred Ringenberg (had son Ed and daughter Mrs. M. Bowman)

m2 Fred Lybold (had sons Fred and Henry plus deceased infant)

1865 went to Edgerton area where Lybold died

burial in Edgerton, OH

9 Dec 1898 - Clinton Rising

Spanish-American War vet Pvt Co I 157th IN USV

Committed suicide by taking wood alcohol, invalid, res. Montpelier, OH

8 Dec 1899 - Francis Edgar Stoner

oldest son of AB Stoner of West Unity, OH

b. 24 Feb 1857

d. 29 Nov 1899, Butler, IN

m. Anna Tressler, 19 May 1876 of Jefferson, OH

survived by 2 children, wife, parents, 1 sister, 2 brothers

15 Dec 1899 - Helen M. Blaker Firestone

b. 4 Oct 1865, Edgerton, OH

d. 7 Dec 1899 @34Y 2M 3D

m. Elmer Firestone, Dec 1888

burial - Butler Cemetery

26 Jan 1900 - Eliza A. Boise Scott

b. 14 Oct 1815, NY

d. 13 Jan 1900

m. Cornelius Scott, 1832; W1812 vet

8 children/6 survive (4sons, 2daughters)

1844 from OH to Michigan

lived with daughter Mrs. Bavin of Alvarado, Steuben Co, IN

1880 received widow's pension

burial - Bethel Cemetery 3 miles west of Edon

26 Jan 1900 - Ruth Kisbeth, daughter of Frank Kisbeth

d. 19 Jan 1900 @2M 1D

burial - Edgerton, OH

23 Feb 1900 - Joseph D. Bell, postmaster of Arctic, IN

b. 5 May 1850, Stark Co, OH

1860 came with parents to DeKalb Co,

survived by wife, 1 daughter, 4 brothers, 1 sister

m. Lulu Casebeer, 10 Mar 1892

burial - Edgerton, OH

30 Mar 1900 - Abner Stoner of Garrett, IN

b. 21 Feb 1835, Mansfield, OH

d. 14 Mar 1900, Garrett

lived for a time at Battle Creek Sanitarium for pneumonia

came to Lagrange with parents where father died

mother lives in West Unity, OH

m. Jane A. Cox, 1854, West Unity

5 children (4 sons, 1 daughter)

survived by wife, 2 sons, 1 daughter, 2 brothers) One son named SG Stoner

ran a drug store

28 Dec 1900 - Robert Worthington

b. 31 May 1833, Medina Co, OH

d. 17 Dec 1900

at 4 years of age went with parents to IN; then age 15 to Wms Co

m. Alice Wilson, 6 Mar 1851; she died 12 Nov 1898

lived with only daughter

burial - Edgerton, OH

25 Jan 1901 - Mary Jane Houlton Bratton

b. 9 Dec 1837, Highland Co, OH, oldest child of Francis and Eveline Houlton

d. 20 Jan 1901 @68Y 1M 11D, DeKalb Co

came to DeKalb in Mar 1838; her father murdered by Abbott

m. William Bratton, 30 Oct 1861; he died on 1 Oct 1865

two sons: John B and Francis O

sister: Mrs. Isaac Loutzenheiser of Edgerton, OH

foster daughter: Sarah Sewell

Mr GA Young helped family for 28 years

Burial - Hamilton, IN

1 Feb 1901 - Almira King Cummins

b. 24 Dec 1857, Hancock Co, OH

d. 22 Jan 1901 @43Y 29D, Butler

daughter of George and Nancy King

came to Steuben Co, IN as child

m. George Cummins, 20 Aug 1879; moved to Edgerton, OH

moved 10 years ago to Butler

4 children/3 survive: Maude, Jimmie, Georgia

mother, 4 sisters, father died before her

survived by step-mother, sister (Mrs. Otis Monday), husband, 3 children

burial - Edgerton, OH

7 June 1901 - John Shafer

b. 19 Feb 1830, Baltimore, MD, son of Jacob and Lydia Shafer

early age went to Doylestown, Wayne Co, OH; one of 10 children, had 4 brothers, 5 sisters

m1. Frances Bordner, Doylestown, 22 July 1849

came to Wms Co 1860; 1884 to Edgerton where Mrs. Shafer died Sept 1887

4 children/ 3 survived (Mary d. 1887, Howard, Caroline, Anson)

one daughter, Mrs. AJ Ackerman lives in Butler

m2. Mrs. Amelia Engel, 1892

funeral through Edgerton Lodge

5 July 1901 - Lee Hine

Mr. And Mrs. Charles Hine of Edon went to Auburn, IN for funeral of his brother Lee Hine; another brother SM Hine, ex-treasurer of DeKalb

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