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Williams County Genealogical Society
First Families of Williams County, Ohio

Contact: Kimberly Smith

for First Families of Williams  County.

for Century Families of Williams  County.

for 2018 Linage Society Application Rules.

    It's never too early to get that First Family application sent in. Applications must have an April 15th postmark.
    Requirements for membership in First Families of Williams County:

       In order to be considered for admission to the First Families of Williams County, Ohio you must be a current member of the society; 
and you must show that you are descended from one or more individuals who settled within the area designated as Williams County on or before 1860. 
        Start with yourself and work backwards. You need to prove each step of descent from the pioneer to yourself. Along with the application, send in all documents necessary to prove your connection to your First Families ancestor.  Documentation could include birth, marriage and death records; as well as,  wills, obituaries, and census records.   Proof may not be omitted for any step. All proof documents must show their source. 
        Your application must be typed or printed and will be reviewed. There is a $10.00 fee to be included with your application. You will be notified if your material is accepted or if you need to send any additional documentation. 
           Once accepted you will receive your First Families certificate and pin at the Annual June Banquet.

    You may pick up an application at the Bryan Library or request one be sent to you by contacting:  Kim Smith, First Families Chairperson, WCGS. P.O. Box 293, Bryan, Ohio 43506-0293.
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