Wm. H. Shinn



The Following illustrations of Williams County residents are copied from the 

County of Williams, Ohio 
- Historical and Biographical- 

Weston A. Goodspeed & Charles Blanchard
F.A. Battery & Co., Pub. Chicago, 1882

B.F. Kniffin 
 page 115
E.D. Bradley Col. 38th Reg. O.V.I     
 page 133
James H. Bradley 1st Lt. U.S.Inf.       
 page 151
F.H. Fulton                                        
 page 169
G.W. Finch                                        
 page 187
Geo. W. Money                                
 page 205
Selwyn N. Owen                            
 page 225
William Stough                                 
 page 235
Geo. Rings                                        
 page 245
Thomas Kent                                   
 page 255
Philetus S. Gleason                         
 page 265
T. G. Elliott                                          
 page 283
John H. Stubbs                                
 page 301
Wm. M. Stubbs                                
 page 319
E. M. Ogle - editor, Bryan Press    
 page 337
W. H. Carr                                        
 page 355
R. Gaudern                                      
 page 372
M.J. Gaudern                                   
 page 391
Mother Gandern                             
 page 409
J. G. Cameron M.D.                        
 page 427
Thomas Hodson                              
 page 445
Samuel P. Cameron                        
David Holmes                                   
 page 481
R. F. Lamson M.D.                          
 page 499
James Garside                                
 page 517
H. D. Alvord                                      
 page 535
R. Gamble                                        
 page 553
Frank O. Hart M.D.                          
 page 571


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