James Gurwell







1 James Smith Gurwell


Birth:                      10 Jun 1785, Mercer Co, PA1

Death:                     7 Jan 1856, Pulaski Twp, Wms Co, OH2

Burial:                     Buck Cem, Springfield Twp, Wms Co, OH

Burial Memo:           70Y 6M 27D


He moved from PA to Wayne Co, OH and then to Crawford Co, OH; on 18 July 1841 he settled in Pulaski Twp, Wms Co, OH1

1850 Pulaski Twp, Wms Co, OH Federal Census p89B

Gerwell, James 66 PA

Mary 50 MD

Jacob 28 OH

Ann 25 OH

John 23 OH

William 17 OH

Elizabeth 17 OH

Henry 15 OH

Maria 12 OH

Mary 10 OH


Spouse:                   Mary Ridgely

Birth:                      1801, Frederick Co, MD

Death:                     24 Jan 1877, Pulaski Twp, Wms Co, OH2

Burial:                     Buck Cem, Springfield Twp, Wms Co, OH

Burial Memo:           76Y 7M 24D

Father:                     Westall Ridgely (1778->1845)

Mother:                   Elizabeth Heim (1778-<1832)

Marr:                       1818, Wayne Co, OH


Children:                  Wesley Ridgely (1819-)

                              Jacob Young (1821-1883)

                              Anna Keys (1823-1894)

                              John Bear (1827-1906)

                              James (1828-)

                              William Harrison (1831-)

                              Elizabeth H (1833-1902)

                              Henry S. (1835-1920)

                              Maria(h) (1838-1863)

                              Mary E (1840-1874)

                              Enos (1841-<1850)


1.1 Wesley Ridgely Gurwell


Birth:                      1819


1.2a Jacob Young Gurwell*


Birth:                      26 Apr 1821, Crawford Co, OH3

Death:                     31 Aug 1883, Montana Territory

Death Memo:            62Y 4M 5D #2480

Occ:                        Township Trustee and Infirmary Director


He settled in Defiance Co (Wms Co) in 1841 and moved to Defiance on 20 Feb 1849, Sec 343

1850 Tiffin Twp, Defiance Co, OH p52 h/h 697

Gurwell, Jacob 29 OH

Maria 28 OH

Orlando 1 OH

Martin 2 OH


1860 Tiffin Twp, Defiance Co, OH Federal Census p421 h/h 1061

Gurwell, J 39 OH

Maria 38 OH

Martin 12 OH

Salathiel 6 OH

Mary 4 OH

Lovina 2 OH

Sughsworth, M (f) 20 BAD domestic

Phebe 14 BAD

Gurwell, SA (f) 6M OH


1870 Tiffin Twp, Defiance Co, OH Federal Census p187 h/h 168

Gurwell, Jac Y 49 OH

Maria 48 OH

Martin 22 OH teacher

Sathiel 16 OH farm laborer

Mary E 14 OH

Charles A 7 OH


Spouse:                   Maria Case/Cox

Death:                     27 Dec 1874, Defiance Co, OH

Father:                     Martin Case

Mother:                   Rebecca

Marr:                       28 Aug 1845, Crawford Co, OH3


Children:                  Martin (1847-)

                              Orlando (1849-)

                              Salathiel (1854-)

                              Mary C (1856-)

                              Lovina A (1858-)

                              Sarena A (1860-)

                              Charles A (1863-)

                              James J

                              Rebecca E

                              Jacob R



Other spouses:          Mary P Porter


1.2a.1 Martin Gurwell


Birth:                      5 Oct 1847, Williams Co, OH1


Spouse:                   Angeline P Ury

Birth:                      1848

Father:                     George W Ury (1821-1895)

Mother:                   Amanda M Meek (1826-)

Marr:                       2 Jun 1871


Children:                  Jennie Viola

                              Sylvia May

                              unnamed infant (-1873)


1.2a.1.1 Jennie Viola Gurwell



1.2a.1.2 Sylvia May Gurwell



1.2a.1.3 unnamed infant Gurwell


Death:                     28 Nov 1873, Tiffin Twp, Defiance Co, OH

Death Memo:            #775


1.2a.2 Orlando Gurwell


Birth:                      1849


1.2a.3 Salathiel Gurwell


Birth:                      1854


1.2a.4 Mary C Gurwell


Birth:                      1856


1.2a.5 Lovina A Gurwell


Birth:                      1858


1.2a.6 Sarena A Gurwell


Birth:                      1860


1.2a.7 Charles A Gurwell


Birth:                      1863


1.2a.8 James J Gurwell



1.2a.9 Rebecca E Gurwell



1.2a.10 Jacob R Gurwell



1.2a.11 Ruth Gurwell



1.2b Jacob Young Gurwell* (See above)



Spouse:                   Mary P Porter


pos d/o Leven and Rebecca Porter in the 1850 Tiffin Twp, Defiance Co, OH Federal Census p53 h/h 703 as Mary 30 OH


1870 Tiffin Twp, Defiance Co, OH Federal Census p183 h/h 115

Cameron, Mary P 39 OH

Elmore 14 OH farm laborer

Mordecai 5 OH


Marr:                       12 Sep 1875, Defiance Co, OH3


Other spouses:          Maria Case/Cox


1.3 Anna Keys Gurwell


Birth:                      19 Aug 1823, Crawford Co, OH

Death:                     15 Feb 1894, Tiffin Twp, Defiance Co, OH4

Death Memo:            70Y

Birth:                      29 Aug 1823


Spouse:                   George H Purtee

Birth:                      5 Apr 1819, OH

Death:                     22 Nov 1907, Miami Co, OH

Father:                     Enos Purtee (1794-1876)

Mother:                   Phebe Duncan (1793-1855)


1850 Tiffin Twp, Defiance Co, OH Federal Census p53 h/h 709

Partee, George 31 OH

Ann K 26 OH

Phebe A 4 OH

Maria E 1 OH

Shook, William 22 OH


1860 Tiffin Twp, Defiance Co, OH Federal Census p420 h/h 1056

Partee, George 40 OH

Ann 38 OH

Phebe 13 OH

Maria 11 OH

Adelaide 9 OH

John 7 OH

Loretta 5 OH

Henry 2 OH


1845 Defiance Co, OH voter from Tiffin Twp


Marr:                       30 Nov 1841, Williams Co, OH

Marr Memo:             Marriage V1 p54


Children:                  Mary P (1843-1844)

                              Phebe A (1846-)

                              Maria E (1849-)

                              Adelaide (1851-)

                              John (1853-)

                              Loretta (1855-)

                              Henry (1858-)


1.3.1 Mary P Purtee


Birth:                      1843

Death:                     7 Oct 18442

Burial:                     Buck Cem, Springfield Twp, Wms Co, OH

Burial Memo:           1Y 11M 11D


1.3.2 Phebe A Purtee


Birth:                      1846


1.3.3 Maria E Purtee


Birth:                      1849


1.3.4 Adelaide Purtee


Birth:                      1851


1.3.5 John Purtee


Birth:                      1853


1.3.6 Loretta Purtee


Birth:                      1855


1.3.7 Henry Purtee


Birth:                      1858


1.4a John Bear Gurwell*


Birth:                      15 May 18272

Death:                     19062

Burial:                     Buck Cem, Springfield Twp, Wms Co, OH


He lived in Wms Co, OH1

1860 Springfield Twp, Williams Co, OH Federal Census p66

Gurwell, John B 32 OH

Rebecca 26 OH

William R 9 OH

Willan M 2 OH


Spouse:                   Margaret Heller

Birth:                      1833.2

Death:                     1852.2

Burial:                     Buck Cem, Springfield Twp, Wms Co, OH

Burial Memo:           18Y 3M 26D

Marr:                       4 Feb 1850, Williams Co, OH

Marr Memo:             Marriage V2 p109


Other spouses:          Rebecca Christman


1.4b John Bear Gurwell* (See above)



Spouse:                   Rebecca Christman

Birth:                      1833.2

Death:                     1913.2

Burial:                     Buck Cem, Springfield Twp, Wms Co, OH

Burial Memo:           79Y 8M 3D

Marr:                       15 Oct 1857, Williams Co, OH

Marr Memo:             Marriage V2 p181


Other spouses:          Margaret Heller


1.5 James Gurwell


Birth:                      1828


1.6 William Harrison Gurwell


Birth:                      23 Jan 1831


They live in Doniphan Co, KS1


Spouse:                   Sarah E Kimble

Birth:                      1839

Father:                     Daniel Kimble (1801-1850)

Mother:                   Luticia (1809-1880)

Marr:                       4 Mar 1862, Williams Co, OH

Marr Memo:             Marriage V3 p225


1.7 Elizabeth H Gurwell


Birth:                      14 Mar 1833, OH

Death:                     9 Oct 1902

Burial:                     Boynton Cem, Springfield Twp, Wms Co, OH

Burial Memo:           69Y 6M 25D


Spouse:                   William R Shook

Birth:                      1828, OH

Death:                     18 Oct 1896

Burial:                     Boynton Cem, Springfield Twp, Wms Co, OH

Burial Memo:           68Y 2M 3D


They live in Wms Co, OH1

1860 Springfield Twp, Williams Co, OH Federal Census p66

Shook, William 31 OH

Elisabeth 27 OH

Lucinda A 8 OH

Mary E 5 OH

Warren 3 OH

Erastus C 1 OH


Marr:                       8 Apr 1854, Williams Co, OH

Marr Memo:             Marriage V2 p118


Children:                  Lucinda A (1852-)

                              Mary E (1855-)

                              Warren (1857-)

                              Erastus C (1859-)


1.7.1 Lucinda A Shook


Birth:                      1852, OH


1.7.2 Mary E Shook


Birth:                      1855


1.7.3 Warren Shook


Birth:                      1857


1.7.4 Erastus C Shook


Birth:                      1859


1.8 Henry S. Gurwell


Birth:                      16 Jul 1835

Death:                     1920


They live in Wms Co, OH1


Spouse:                   Jane Lingle

Birth:                      1841

Father:                     John Lingle (1811-1876)

Mother:                   Catharine (1814-1898)

Marr:                       20 Apr 1861, Williams Co, OH

Marr Memo:             Marriage V3 p168


1.9 Maria(h) Gurwell


Birth:                      Mar 1838

Death:                     5 Sep 1863.2

Burial:                     Buck Cem, Springfield Twp, Wms Co, OH

Burial Memo:           25Y 6M 21D


Spouse:                   William Stailey

Marr:                       21 Jan 1858, Williams Co, OH

Marr Memo:             Marriage V2 p185


1.10 Mary E Gurwell


Birth:                      Jan 1840

Death:                     18742

Burial:                     Buck Cem, Springfield Twp, Wms Co, OH

Burial Memo:           33Y 11M 15D


Spouse:                   Hiram Meade


They live in Berrien Co, MI1



1.11 Enos Gurwell


Birth:                      1841

Death:                     bef 1850





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      Catharine                                                     parent of spouse of 1.8

      Luticia                                                         parent of spouse of 1.6

      Rebecca                                                       parent of spouse of 1.2a


      Martin                                                         parent of spouse of 1.2a


      Maria                                                          spouse of 1.2a


      Rebecca                                                       spouse of 1.4b


      Phebe                                                          parent of spouse of 1.3


      Anna Keys                                                   1.3

      Charles A                                                     1.2a.7

      Elizabeth H                                                  1.7

      Enos                                                           1.11

      Henry S.                                                      1.8

      Jacob R                                                       1.2a.10

      Jacob Young                                                 1.2a

      James                                                          1.5

      James J                                                        1.2a.8

      James Smith                                                 1

      Jennie Viola                                                 1.2a.1.1

      John Bear                                                     1.4a

      Lovina A                                                     1.2a.5

      Maria(h)                                                       1.9

      Martin                                                         1.2a.1

      Mary C                                                        1.2a.4

      Mary E                                                        1.10

      Orlando                                                        1.2a.2

      Rebecca E                                                    1.2a.9

      Ruth                                                           1.2a.11

      Salathiel                                                      1.2a.3

      Sarena A                                                      1.2a.6

      Sylvia May                                                  1.2a.1.2

      unnamed infant                                              1.2a.1.3

      Wesley Ridgely                                             1.1

      William Harrison                                           1.6


      Elizabeth                                                      parent of spouse of 1


      Margaret                                                      spouse of 1.4a


      Daniel                                                         parent of spouse of 1.6

      Sarah E                                                        spouse of 1.6


      Jane                                                            spouse of 1.8

      John                                                            parent of spouse of 1.8


      Hiram                                                          spouse of 1.10


      Amanda M                                                   parent of spouse of 1.2a.1


      Mary P                                                        spouse of 1.2b


      Adelaide                                                       1.3.4

      Enos                                                           parent of spouse of 1.3

      George H                                                     spouse of 1.3

      Henry                                                          1.3.7

      John                                                            1.3.5

      Loretta                                                         1.3.6

      Maria E                                                       1.3.3

      Mary P                                                        1.3.1

      Phebe A                                                       1.3.2


      Mary                                                           spouse of 1

      Westall                                                        parent of spouse of 1


      Erastus C                                                     1.7.4

      Lucinda A                                                    1.7.1

      Mary E                                                        1.7.2

      Warren                                                         1.7.3

      William R                                                    spouse of 1.7


      William                                                       spouse of 1.9


      Angeline P                                                   spouse of 1.2a.1

      George W                                                     parent of spouse of 1.2a.1



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