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Juillards of Williams County, Ohio

By Geri Moulton


The first Juillard in Williams County was Jean Pierre Juillard, born in September 21, 1796 in Villers la Boissiere and died September 25, 1886 in Williams County. Jean Pierre was a farmer and carpenter. He is buried in the French Cemetery in Springfield Township. Jean Pierre was married to Anne Catherine Barbier on May 4, 1826. She was born in Valentigney, France Feburary  21, 1805 and is buried in the French Cemetery. Peter is listed in the 1850, 1860, and 1870 US Census. In 1850 he is listed as Peter Juilard; in 1860 as Peter Jeroellard; and in 1870 as Peter Juellard.


Peter and Ann Juillard had five children: Catherine Elisabeth, 1827; George Frederic, 1829; Pierre Frederic 1832; Louis Frederic 1837; and Emile 1843 – all born in France. The father of Jean Pierre Juillard was George Juillard born ca 1757 and died December 8, 1837 in Valentigney. He was married to Anne Catherine Peugeot. George’s parents were Jean George Juillard and Marguerite Barbier.


Jean Pierre Juilerad is listed as a passenger on a ship arriving in 1839 with his wife and a daughter. In 1839 Peter and Anne had four children, the fifth not born. It is more likely that the Catherine Juillerat listed as arriving on May 9, 1848 in New York from Le Havre, France on the ship Amazon is the correct one.


Catherine Elisabeth Juillard was born in 1827 and died in 1907. She was the second wife of John George Goll II. Her first husband was Charles Racine, son of Jacques Racine (also the brother of John George’s first wife.) Catherine and John George’s daughter Mary Louis Goll married Louis F. Peugeot. Louis was descended from a Jean George Peugeot, 1709 – 1783. Anne Catherine Peugeot, Catherine’s grandmother was also a descendant of Jean George, making Mary Louise and Louis cousins.


Family Group Sheet 


Husband: Jean Pierre Juillard


Born: 21 Dec 1796 in: Villers la Boissiere, France

Married: 04 May 1826 in: Valentigney, France: rootsweb Alice Lenker

Died: 25 Sep 1886 in: Williams County, Ohio; 89y 9m 3d


Father: George Juillard

Mother: Anne Catherine Peugeot


Wife: Anne Catharine Barbier

Born: 21 Feb 1805 in: Valentigney, France

Died: 07 Aug 1882 in: Brady twp., Williams County, Ohio; 87y 5m 16d



1. Name: Catharine Elisabeth Juillard

Born 1: 12 Feb 1827 in: Villers la Boissiere, Valentigney, France; emigrated 1844

Died: 22 Mar 1907 in: Fulton County, Ohio; Ae 80y-1m-8d

Married 1st: 17 Nov 1846 in: Williams County, Ohio; Vol I:91

Spouse: Charles Frederic Racine

Married 2nd: 23 Dec 1856 in: Williams County, Ohio; Vol II: 172 - 2nd wife

Spouse: John "Jean" George Goll


2 Name: George Frederic Juillard

Born: 26 Jul 1829 in: Villers la Boissiere, Valentigney, France;

Died: 01 Sep 1880 in: Brady twp., Williams Co., Oh; ae 51y1m 6d - never married


3. Name: Peter "Pierre" Frederic Juillard

Born: Mar 1832 in: Villers la Boissiere, Valentigney, France; America 1844

Died:  after 1910

Married: 1858 from Census   (1857 Stryker Williams County, Ohio :off net)  2 ch

Spouse: Catherine Elisabeth Beucler


4. Name: Lewis Frederick Juillard

Born: 09 Sep 1837 in: Villers la Boissiere, Valentigney, France

Died: 1886 in: French Cemetery, Williams County, Ohio

Married: 26 Jan 1860 in: Williams County, Ohio; Vol III:88 - 9 ch

Spouse: Margaret Prudent


5. Name: Emile Frederic Juillard

Born: 1843 in: Villers la Boissiere, Valentigney, France;

Died: 11 May 1893 in: Brady twp, Williams County Ohio

Married: 11 Jun 1868 in Williams County, Ohio; Vol IV:3 

Spouse: Catharine Marguerite Goll

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