She had to Labor in the Fields

(Journal 7 p354 - 3Nov 1869; Roll 21 case number 81 - 3 Nov 1869)

Compiled by Pamela Pattison Lash

           The couple was married on 15 Jan 1865 in Wms Co (Marriage V3 p421).  Thomas, b1840 OH, was the son of Dr. George Lawson, Sr., and wife Lydia Cairns; the parents were married in Wayne Co, OH on 15 Mar 1832 and were enumerated in the Madison Twp, Wms Co, OH federal census p206B as George 54 PA farmer, Lydia 48 PA, George 22 OH, Elizabeth 20 OH, Thomas 18 OH, Lydia 16 OH, William 12 OH, Sarah 9 OH, and Nancy 6 OH.  Both Lawsons were buried in Primrose Cemetery, Millcreek Twp with deaths for George on 21 Oct1881 @74Y 11N 15D and Lydia on 22 Sept 1881 @ 69Y 6M 10D.  When George died several of his heirs disputed the will and dragged each other into court for a piece of his estate;it seems that in his will he cut out some of the heirs and they wanted their rights under the law to his estate. The jury found that the writing produced in the case was not that of the last will of George Lawson, deceased (Lydia S. Wisman v Lydia Gullinger, late Nov 1882).

Mirriam, daughter of John and Rachael Garlinger, was born in 1846, PA.  The Garlinger family was listed in the1860 Springfield Twp, Wms Co, OH federal census p65A-65B, PO Stryker, as John50 PA, Rachael 48 OH, Isaac 21 PA, Rachael 19 PA, Sarah 17 PA, and Miriam 14PA.  The Lawsons had three sons, William (b1868), Thomas (b1871), and Samuel (b1872). At the time of the divorce proceedings, 1869, the couple had one son, William Henry, who was 1Y 4M and a deceased son, John who died c1868 @ 2Y 3M.  In the autumn of 1865 Thomas received a piece of land owned by unknown heirs to an estate.  He could have made a comfortable living and support for his family but he remained indolent, lazy, and indifferent. Mirriam stated she had to supply all the food and clothing; often they lived on cornmeal and water.  She had to labor in the fields.  On 1Oct 1867, 25 Dec 1867, and the entire summer of 1868 Thomas abandoned her.  He pretended to sell a cow, which was Mirriam's property to his father, George Lawson.  She did own other livestock.  Thomas owned in fee simple 40 acres in Madison Twp.  He threatened to take her property and her son away from her.  She requested reasonable alimony to be made out of the sale or rent of his real estate.  The case was dismissed.

           The couple was together in the 1870 Madison Twp federal census, p18-19, and the1880 Bryan, Pulaski Twp federal census, p637A as Thomas 37 OH and Miriam 31 PA. Thomas got into a fight in a saloon with Peter Laubaugh in Dec 1879. In Nov1882 Mirriam Lawson was arrested for intoxication; she pled not guilty. Mirriam died in 1885 and was buried in Brown Cemetery, Center Twp; Thomas died on 10Oct 1902 @62Y and was buried beside his wife.  His obituary appeared in the Bryan Democrat, 23 Oct 1902 p7.



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