Not Much Known

by Pamela Pattison Lash


Angeline Melze v Louis A. Melze (Journal 12 p37 - 2 Mar 1883; Roll 38 case number 1096 - Mar 1883)

            Angeline said she was guilty of adultery and she paid court costs.  Louis paid $25 in alimony.  They were not married in Wms Co, OH.  A divorce was granted.  In the 1880 Philadelphia, PA federal census there was a single man, Louis Melze, 35 MI doctor listed as a boarder in a hotel.  By 1900 in South Town, Chicago, Cook Co, IL, LA Melze was recorded as born Feb 1849 (50) OH of French parentage, a divorced physician; currently it is unknown if he was the ex-husband of the unknown Angeline.


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