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No electronic newsletter could exist without the assistance of a technological guru, so I want to thank, in advance, our Webmaster, Martha Richie, for her extra efforts in coordinating this electronic missile through our website.

What Else Is New?

WCGS proudly announces the reprint of our first publication, The 1864, 1874, and 1894 Williams County Atlases and the 1904 Williams County Plat Maps. This book was originally published in 1983 and sold out quickly. The only way to get one up to now has been from an estate auction. Now this great tool can be purchased from WCGS for $45 plus $3 postage, shipping and handling. We have agreed to reprint 150 copies only. When that amount is gone, itís GONE, so reserve your copy now!!! Ohio residents must include State Sales Tax as well.

WCGS member, Dave Miller, decided to create a much-needed CD collection of all the tombstones currently found in the cemeteries of all 12 townships in Williams County. He took on the arduous task of visiting, photographing, and organizing his color, digitized CDís plus he included photos of interesting cemetery "tidbits" as well. He created these stunning CDís following WCGS cemetery books and adding those stones which were erected after the books were published, so as of November 2004, all stones that exist are represented in his project. Please keep in mind that over time many stones have deteriorated, but Dave made every effort to capture what was on the stones. This took Dave about nine months of work which covers some 52,000 tombstones.

            WCGS is pleased to announce that these CDís will be available for purchase. Depending on the size of the cemetery, the number of CDís will vary. The larger cemeteries such as: Shiffler in Jefferson Twp, Floral Grove in Madison Twp, Floral Grove in Brady Twp, Riverside in Superior Twp, Fountain Grove in Pulaski Twp, Brown Cemetery in Center Twp, Oakwood in Springfield Twp, Maple Grove and St. Maryís Cemetery in St. Joseph Twp, are set up by sections. For example, Shiffler, Section 7C, is found on 2 CDís while Shiffler, original plat, is found on 3 CDís.

             Smaller cemeteries will also vary. For example, Olive Branch in Millcreek Twp is on 2 CDís while West Buffalo Cemetery in Florence Twp is on 4 CDís. Each CD averages between 180-210 color pictures. If one has a CD viewer on a PC or MAC computer, or other device, one can utilize these pictures. They can be enlarged for ease of viewing and printed for use in your genealogical research. This can be a boon for those who do not have the time, patience, expertise in digital photography, or easy access to Williams County Cemeteries but would like a photo record of their ancestors.

WCGS will be selling these in the following way: If you wish one CD, you pay $13; if you want two CDís, you pay $24; if you want three CDís, you pay $33; if you wish to purchase 4 or more CDís, you pay $10 apiece. S/H 1 to 3 items $2.50; 4-8 items $3.50; 9-12 items $4.

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With interest in genealogy our membership has grown to the point that we need to rely on you as members to note when your renewal is due and respond accordingly. Renewing a month in advance will help us immensely.

A complete listing of our publications and prices can be found on our website. Notice of our monthly meetings can also be found there as well.

September 2005 Meeting

Dave Miller will show how to clean and trace stones at Shiffler Cemetery on September 10 (Saturday); there will be a potluck at the Pulaski Methodist Church afterward. Starting time will be at 11 AM. This is a great opportunity to learn something useful and to participate in a fellowship with those who share the passion of genealogy. WCGS will provide hamburgers and hotdogs plus buns, chips, and punch/coffee. Bring a salad or dessert dish to pass and a table setting. If it rains, we will still host the potluck at the church at noon.

Assault with a Deadly Table, No Divorce in Williams County, Ohio, 1883

            (This material is part of a project concerning the divorces in Williams County, Ohio extracted from the Civil and Criminal Court records of the Common Pleas Court)

BY Pamela Pattison Lash

            Catherine Dull, parentage unknown, married Benjamin A. Smith on 9 Dec 1866, Wayne Co, OH (Marriages V6 p498); the Reverend Penn officiated at the ceremony. The couple had a son, Harvey, born 16 Jan 1868. The timeframe of the Smiths arrival here is not known, but Catherine appeared before the Williams County, Ohio Civil and Criminal court (Journal 12 p164 - 18 Dec 1883; p274 - 12 Apr 1884; Roll 39 Box 135 case number 1186 - 8 Aug 1883) stating she had been a resident of this county for more than six years. On 6 July 1883 husband Benjamin had been extremely cold and distant towards her; on 27 July 1883 he assaulted her with a table while she was eating. He yelled, "D**** you, if you don't get out of this room, I will smash you." Catherine left.

            This desperate housewife requested a restraining order to keep Benjamin from disposing of his real estate, Lots 24 and 25 in Edgerton's 2nd Addition, Bryan, which had several mortgages attached. She also presented a list of goods owned by Benjamin, valued at $455 such as horses, wagons, a cookstove, and dishes. By April 1884 the case was continued and apparently neither party took any further action. No divorce was granted at that time.


Bullying Got the Best of Her, Divorce in Williams County, Ohio, 1870

            A divorce can mean freedom from the bad behavior of an ex-spouse. Many abused spouses go on to lead full, rewarding, and happy lives, but a few die within several years of "being set free". This genealogical detailing handles such an example.

The Stories of Fountain City, Van Gundy, 1975, p33, told that when an early newspaper, "The Weekly Bryan Democrat" was first published, Jacob Overdear, a staunch Democrat, snatched the first sheet "hot off the press" and would never part with it. He and his wife Mary were early Bryan settlers, being recorded owners of land in Sec 16, Pulaski Twp, 1864. Jacob died on 15 Oct 1864 @52Y 10M 15D and his wife Mary died on 20 Apr 1877 @65Y 6M 3D. They were laid to rest in the Shiffler Cemetery, Jefferson Twp. Their two known children were Everett, a schoolteacher, and Mary J.

            Mary J. Overdear married William Allen in Wms Co on 27 Aug 1868. Nothing is known of William's parentage. According to the 1870 Pulaski Twp federal census, p17, the family was listed as Mary Overdear 57 PA, Mary J. Allen 19 OH, Everett Overdear 17 IN teacher, and Charles Allen 2 OH. Mary Allen appeared in the Williams County, Ohio Civil and Criminal Court (Journal 7 - Nov 1870; Roll 22 case number 20) requesting the divorce. Mary Allen stated that on 26 Feb 1870 William beat her and threatened to maime her. For the last three years he had beaten, abused, struck, bullied, and defamed her in her own home and neglected her financially. Mary said their son Charles Allen was 22 months old and even though William was not fit for custody of their son, as he was a habitual drunk for more than three years, William had threatened to take Charles from her. Mary called the following witnesses to testify on her behalf: Thomas Clodfelter, John Miller, William Davis, and David Hults.

            Evidently the court granted a divorce and William Allen did not receive custody. She died on 5 May 1873 @24Y 2M 7D and was buried in Shiffler Cemetery. Her son Charles O Allen was granted a guardian on 18 June 1873 (Probate #1590). When he died in 1902 at 33Y he was buried close to his mother.

Custody of the Brown Mare, Divorce in Williams County, Ohio, 1881

Divorce proceedings may tell a great deal about the living conditions of the couple, their real estate description, the date and place of their marriage, and the birthdates of their children. Such is this example gleaned from the divorce records.

Daniel David Havens, b1844 IN, NY parentage unknown, married Julia Ann Stickney on 7 Jan 1864 in Reading Twp, Hillsdale Co, MI. Julia, b1845 OH, was the daughter of NY natives William and Harriet Smith Stickney. The Stickneys came to Wms Co c1844 and were enumerated in the 1850 NW Twp federal census, p51B, as William 31 NY carpenter, Harriet 24 NY, Louis 11 OH, Julia 6 OH, and Benjamin 1 OH. They appeared in the 1860 NW Twp federal census, p8, as William 44 NY, Harriet 33 NY, Julia 16 OH, Edward 8 OH, Elephalet (m) 6 OH, and Frances 1 OH.

The Havens family appeared in the 1870 and 1880 NW Twp federal census, p4 and p447D, respectively, but the divorce proceedings told the specific dates for the birth of the five children (Journal 11 - Dec 1881; Roll 37 case number 923 - 25 July 1881. These children were Norman W. (13 Nov 1864), Alpheus R (6 Aug 1867), Sherman (15 Oct 1870), Jennie V. (13 Aug 1873), and Charles H. (1 June 1876).

From the above-cited divorce record one learns that Julia sued her husband, charging gross neglect and cruelty. She said Daniel transferred her real estate to John F. Carl without her knowledge and the income from this property, deed to her by her mother, Harriet Stickney, in 1872 was hers. She stated that on 1 June 1878 Daniel kicked and struck her; he provided no food or clothing for the family. This physical abuse stemmed from an argument over a brown mare. The court awarded her a divorce, reasonable alimony, and visitation rights so Daniel could see the children for two hours every Saturday. In addition to this Julia was awarded custody of the mare in question. Prior to the divorce the county sheriff arrested Daniel, but the record did not state the reason. (Probate #2342).

Drunken Doctor with No Patients, Divorce in Williams County, Ohio, 1883

            The physician conducted himself so badly that nobody had any confidence in him. He had no patients; therefore, he had no means of support. He married a Williams County native and proceeded to make her life and that of his two children a miserable existence due to his penchant for wine, women, and song.

            Mary Ellen Foust, daughter of Benjamin Shoemaker and Priscilla Markle Foust, was born c. 1857. Her parents, natives of BerkCo, PA, came to this county in 1845, first settling in Jefferson Twp for the 1850 federal census (p27) and then moving to Bryan, Pulaski Twp in 1868. The family was listed in the 1870 Bryan, Pulaski Twp federal census, p2, as BS Foust 46 PA, Priscilla 52 PA, Ella Jane 13 OH, Martha A 11 OH, and John A 19 OH. The couple had seven children with one dying in the Civil War, two dying in infancy, and four surviving their parents' deaths.

            Mary Ellen married Thomas Welker Fritch on 2 Mar 1876, Wms Co (Marriages V4 p452) and the couple had two known children, Ralph, b. 21 Feb 1877, and Eva Belle, b. 11 Apr 1881, Pulaski Twp (Births V2 p33). Mary Ellen Fritch stated to the Williams County Civil and Criminal Court (Journal 12 p133 - 28 Nov 1883; Roll 39 case number 1194 - 18 Aug 1883) that she wanted a divorce from husband Thomas. She told a tale of being taken to live in Indiana, away from her friends and family where Thomas failed to provide her with sufficient food, clothing, or fuel. The winters of 1876-1877 and 1879 were extremely cold. What money Thomas had he spent on drink and women. Mary Ellen stated that on 10 May 1879 in Fostoria, Seneca Co, OH, Thomas committed adultery with a Mrs. Folliot and from that day through Sept 1879 he was with other women there. During the years of 1882 and 1883 he lived in Kendalville, IN and had relations with this Mrs. Folliot there as well.

            Mary Ellen called witness Will Jones, a 20 year old man from Fostoria, to tell the court of Thomas' character. Jones said he knew Thomas from Fostoria as an immoral physician who spent his money on whisky and prostitutes. He knew Thomas was seeing Emma Folliatt, a known prostitute, in Aug 1880. This evidence was enough for the court to grant the divorce.

            Ellen Fritch married William Hartle on 20 May 1886 in Williams Co (Marriages V5 #836) and at the time of her father's death in 1902 she and her husband lived in Ft. Wayne, IN. The whereabouts of the unfaithful doctor Thomas are not currently known.


Extremely Cruel But No Divorce, Williams County, Ohio, 1859

Betsey Ann Johnson, b 1835 OH, married William Forrester, b 1827 NY, at Center Twp, Wms Co, OH on 20 Nov 1851 (Marriages V2 p118). In the 1850 Center Twp federal census, p69B, there was a William Forrester 23 NY farmer along side his brother Amasa 25 NY. Brother Amasa established a family in the 1860 West Jefferson, Jefferson Twp federal census, p175 A/B, and had a female, Jeridah Forrester 77 MA, living with him. This could be the mother of Amasa and William, but this needs to be verified.

Betsey appeared in the Williams County, Ohio Civil and Criminal Court (Journal 5 p556 - 29 Nov 1859; Roll 13 case number 69) stating that the couple had three children, William Henry (6), Charity Jane (3), and Nancy Maria (1). Betsey said that on 11 Nov 1859 William was extremely cruel. The court dismissed the case and on the 1860 Bryan, Pulaski Twp federal census, p45A, the family appeared as William 33 NY day laborer, Betsey 25 OH, William H 7 OH, Charity 4 OH, and Nancy 1 OH. There also appeared in the 1860 Bryan, Pulaski Twp federal census, p47B, Bennett B. Johnson 55 VT, Nancy 50 CT, William 21 OH, Almina 14 OH, and Maria 9 OH. This could be Betsy's family but that also needs to be researched. Nothing more is currently known of this family.

Gleanings for Wms Co, OH Ties in the "Butler Record", DeKalb Co, IN

By Pamela Pattison Lash

(This material was extracted from a series of newspaper obituaries; the first date for each person is the date in which the obit appeared; other pertinent data was copied as printed; if you find someone who fills a connection for you, it would be a good idea to consult the full obituary.)

15 Jan 1897 - James Burkhart

b. 29 June 1831, Greenburg, PA

d. 2 Jan 1897 @65Y 6M 3D, Butler, IN

came to Wms Co 1847

m. 1853, Eliza Bevers

8 children/7 survive (6 sons; 1 daughter) plus a brother

burial - Slater Cemetery

Note: found in 1850 St. Joseph Twp federal census - 10 Sept 1850

2 Oct 1896 - Mrs. A. E. (Venoah) Grindle

b. 17 May 1848, NY

d. 18 Sept 1898 @48Y 4M 1D

family kept handles and nameplate from coffin

m. Enoch Grindle, 16 July 1871

7 children/ 5 survive (4 sons; 3 daughters)

Note: found these names in various materials for this county

2 July 1897 - John Shaffer

b. 28 Aug 1809, Urweiler, Germany

d. 16 June 1897, home of E. Blum

m. Elizabeth Zabst, 1830

came to US 1835 to Crawford Co, OH; to 1865 Montpelier, OH; 1875 wife died and lived with children in Ashland, Crawford Co, OH

funeral in Montpelier

burial - Cogswell Cemetery, Wms Co, OH

23 July 1897 - Henry Kissinger

d. 23 July 1897, CW vet

burial - West Buffalo Cemetery, Wms Co, OH

4 Mar 1898 - Edward Wilson Eakright

b. 13 Aug 1857, Wilmington Twp, DeKalb Co, IN

d. 26 Feb 1898 @40Y 6M 13D

brother JJ Eakright; parents - Abraham and Susannah Arkwright

m. Susan Barnhart, daughter of John and Eliza Barnhart, 4 May 1884

children - Nora Effie, Earl Edwin

survived by wife, son, aged mother, 2 brothers, 2 sisters

burial - Mt. Pleasant Cemetery

Note: found Arkwright in NW Twp and Hillsdale Co, MI

18 Mar 1898 - James Steller (may be Stuller)

b. 11 Jan 1836, Carroll Co, OH

came to Edon with father in 1854

m. Phoebe Foster, 11 Apr 1857

5 children

moved to Edgerton on 3 Mar 1877; then spring of 1886 to Butler

survived by wife, 4 children, 4 brothers, 2 sisters

burial - Edgerton, OH, Wms Co, OH

6 May 1898 - Calcina Decker

wife of Isaiah Decker

b. 20 Jan 1828, Niles, Cayuga Co, NY

d. 25 Apr 1898 @70Y 8M 5D

age 18 in Huron Co, OH married Isaiah when he was 20

5 children/ 2 boys survive

burial - Greenwood Cemetery, Auburn, IN

relative - George Webber and wife of Bryan, OH

30 Sept 1898 - Sarah Simpkins Warner

b. 10 Oct 1820, Fayette Co, PA

d. 21 Sept 1898

came to OH with parents in 1834

m. John Warner in 1841; he died 1873

7 children/ 4 survive (only mentioned three): Lucinda Olive, w/o Rev Alonzo Gaff of Lagrange, George F of Edon, OH, Anna M w/o William A. Watson of Troy

11 Nov 1898 - Mrs. Josephine Lybold

b. 18 May 1828, Wittenburg, Germany

d. 2 Nov 1898 @70Y 5M 14D

came to US in 1850 and went to Carlisle, Holmes Co, OH

m1 Fred Ringenberg (had son Ed and daughter Mrs. M. Bowman)

m2 Fred Lybold (had sons Fred and Henry plus deceased infant)

1865 went to Edgerton area where Lybold died

burial in Edgerton, OH

9 Dec 1898 - Clinton Rising

Spanish-American War vet Pvt Co I 157th IN USV

Committed suicide by taking wood alcohol, invalid, res. Montpelier, OH

8 Dec 1899 - Francis Edgar Stoner

oldest son of AB Stoner of West Unity, OH

b. 24 Feb 1857

d. 29 Nov 1899, Butler, IN

m. Anna Tressler, 19 May 1876 of Jefferson, OH

survived by 2 children, wife, parents, 1 sister, 2 brothers

15 Dec 1899 - Helen M. Blaker Firestone

b. 4 Oct 1865, Edgerton, OH

d. 7 Dec 1899 @34Y 2M 3D

m. Elmer Firestone, Dec 1888

burial - Butler Cemetery

26 Jan 1900 - Eliza A. Boise Scott

b. 14 Oct 1815, NY

d. 13 Jan 1900

m. Cornelius Scott, 1832; W1812 vet

8 children/6 survive (4sons, 2daughters)

1844 from OH to Michigan

lived with daughter Mrs. Bavin of Alvarado, Steuben Co, IN

1880 received widow's pension

burial - Bethel Cemetery 3 miles west of Edon

26 Jan 1900 - Ruth Kisbeth, daughter of Frank Kisbeth

d. 19 Jan 1900 @2M 1D

burial - Edgerton, OH

23 Feb 1900 - Joseph D. Bell, postmaster of Arctic, IN

b. 5 May 1850, Stark Co, OH

1860 came with parents to DeKalb Co,

survived by wife, 1 daughter, 4 brothers, 1 sister

m. Lulu Casebeer, 10 Mar 1892

burial - Edgerton, OH

30 Mar 1900 - Abner Stoner of Garrett, IN

b. 21 Feb 1835, Mansfield, OH

d. 14 Mar 1900, Garrett

lived for a time at Battle Creek Sanitarium for pneumonia

came to Lagrange with parents where father died

mother lives in West Unity, OH

m. Jane A. Cox, 1854, West Unity

5 children (4 sons, 1 daughter)

survived by wife, 2 sons, 1 daughter, 2 brothers) One son named SG Stoner

ran a drug store

28 Dec 1900 - Robert Worthington

b. 31 May 1833, Medina Co, OH

d. 17 Dec 1900

at 4 years of age went with parents to IN; then age 15 to Wms Co

m. Alice Wilson, 6 Mar 1851; she died 12 Nov 1898

lived with only daughter

burial - Edgerton, OH

25 Jan 1901 - Mary Jane Houlton Bratton

b. 9 Dec 1837, Highland Co, OH, oldest child of Francis and Eveline Houlton

d. 20 Jan 1901 @68Y 1M 11D, DeKalb Co

came to DeKalb in Mar 1838; her father murdered by Abbott

m. William Bratton, 30 Oct 1861; he died on 1 Oct 1865

two sons: John B and Francis O

sister: Mrs. Isaac Loutzenheiser of Edgerton, OH

foster daughter: Sarah Sewell

Mr GA Young helped family for 28 years

Burial - Hamilton, IN

1 Feb 1901 - Almira King Cummins

b. 24 Dec 1857, Hancock Co, OH

d. 22 Jan 1901 @43Y 29D, Butler

daughter of George and Nancy King

came to Steuben Co, IN as child

m. George Cummins, 20 Aug 1879; moved to Edgerton, OH

moved 10 years ago to Butler

4 children/3 survive: Maude, Jimmie, Georgia

mother, 4 sisters, father died before her

survived by step-mother, sister (Mrs. Otis Monday), husband, 3 children

burial - Edgerton, OH

7 June 1901 - John Shafer

b. 19 Feb 1830, Baltimore, MD, son of Jacob and Lydia Shafer

early age went to Doylestown, Wayne Co, OH; one of 10 children, had 4 brothers, 5 sisters

m1. Frances Bordner, Doylestown, 22 July 1849

came to Wms Co 1860; 1884 to Edgerton where Mrs. Shafer died Sept 1887

4 children/ 3 survived (Mary d. 1887, Howard, Caroline, Anson)

one daughter, Mrs. AJ Ackerman lives in Butler

m2. Mrs. Amelia Engel, 1892

funeral through Edgerton Lodge

5 July 1901 - Lee Hine

Mr. And Mrs. Charles Hine of Edon went to Auburn, IN for funeral of his brother Lee Hine; another brother SM Hine, ex-treasurer of DeKalb

Bastardy and Other Crimes

By Pamela Pattison Lash

(This material was extracted from the Williams County Common Pleas Court records)

Mary Bauer v Moses Bradshaw (Journal 11 p96 - 17 Feb 1881)

            The case was dismissed.

Caroline Baus v George Zeiters (Journal 13 p239 - 23 Nov 1885)

            John Zeiters on 21 Nov 1885 made a promissory note for $210 for Caroline. The case was settled.

Sarah A. Brownawell v Allen Burns (Journal 7 p37 - 21 Mar 1867; p64 - 30 May 1867

            Allen said he was not guilty but the jury found him guilty; he was to pay $700 but he refused so he was put in jail.

Tena M. Cox, guardian John Cox v Enoch Grindle (Journal 8 p48 - 5 June 1872)

            Enoch was found guilty and a maintenance schedule was set up whereby he had to pay $600; if he defaults he was to pay $1200. He refused and was put in jail. He later declared insolvency.

Sevilla Belle Crum v Norman Dean (Journal 12 p178 - 28 Dec 1883)

            The jury found him guilty of fathering a female child. He was ordered to pay $700 with a fee schedule set up. He originally said he was not guilty, but the plea changed.

Lois Fearnley v William J. Stevenson (Journal 11 p458 - 20 June 1882)

            She charged him with breach of promise and bastardy. He was found guilty but refused to pay.

Laura Garlinger v Forest Brace (Journal 13 p401 - 8 Mar 1886)

            The case was settled.

Catherine Hively v Thomas Kollar (Journal 13 p285 - 2 Dec 1885; p340-341 - 11 Dec 1885)

            The jury found him guilty and ordered him to pay $500.

Clara E. Hulbert v Edwin Kelly (Journal 10 - 15 Nov 1878)

Nora Belle Iler v George F. P. Hummel (Journal 12 p413 - 22 Dec 1884)

            The case was settled before the court proceeded.

Catherine Keiser v William Dudley (Journal 10 - 15 Nov 1878)

Ohio State v Charles Arnold (Journal 11 p381 - 16 Mar 1882)

Ohio State v Harvey or Henry Coleman (Journal 11 p344 - 13 Feb 1882)

            The charge was incest.

Ohio State v John Reader (Journal 11 p381 - 16 Mar 1882)

            The charge was rape. Alpheus and Levi Hendricks put up a bond for $500.

Phebe A. Phelps v James C. Byers (Journal 8 p68 - 28 June 1872)

            He said he was not guilty but the court found him guilty; Phebe was still pregnant when the case was brought to court. She was awarded $300 with a maintenance schedule set up.

Harriet Scott v John Anspaugh (Journal 10 p360 - 21 Feb 1880)

            He was found guilty and had to pay maintenance.

Matilda M. Shull v Robert McDade (Journal 13 p466 - 2 Apr 1886; p490 - 1 June 1886)

            Edward McDade paid a surety for this case and later the case was dismissed.

Mary Summerfield v Jacob Klopfenstine, Jr. (Journal 8 p387 - 27 July 1875)

            She charged him with rape. Jacob lived in Bryan.

Emily J. Towers v James A. Grimes (Journal 12 p 23 - 23 Feb 1883)

A jury determined that he was not guilty.

Annie Van Sickle v John Burchell, Jr. (Journal 10 p259 - 17 Nov 1879)

Ellen Van Sickle v Augustus Warren (Journal 11 p236 - 23 Nov 1881)

            She wanted $55 and ability to remove child from the county. The case was dismissed.

Catherine Walz v William Allomong (Journal 13 p445 - 27 Mar 1886; p505 - 8 June 1886)

            He admitted his guilt and had to pay $325.

Lilly S. Wood v Daniel S. Tharp (Journal 10 p442 - 31 May 1880; Journal 11 - Nov 1880)

            The case was dismissed.

Catherine Zeigler v Isaac W. Wallace (Journal 10 p380 - 5 Mar 1880)

            It was proven that Isaac was the father of her child.




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