Bride Canít Make Up Her Mind

by Pamela Pattison Lash


Jane D. Coleman Oxenrider v Henry Oxenrider (Journal 7 p455 - 2 Nov 1870; p489 - 15 Nov 1870; p573 - 31 May 1871; Roll 23 case number 36 - May 1871)

            The couple was married in Millcreek Twp, Wms Co on 7 Apr 1867.  In the 1850 Millcreek Twp federal census, p32B, Jane 16 OH was listed with her parents Abijah and Lydia Whelphy Coleman.  The Oxenrider couple was listed in the 1870 Madison Twp, Wms Co federal census, p1, as Henry 50 PA and Jane 33 OH. 

            Jane stated that on 12 Aug 1870 Henry was extremely cruel and guilty of gross neglect.  She was dangerously ill and unable to get out of bed for five days.  Henry refused to help her or obtain medical aid.  She was afraid of him.  He had goods and chattels of $1,000 and 94 acres of real estate in this county.  Henry answered these charges and denied all.  Jane stated she was destitute and could not even pay for the fee money for her witnesses.  They must have been paid as the following people supplied evidence for her side: John and Mary Coleman, William Coleman, Dr. Finch, William Letcher, and Peter Gray and his wife. She filed twice and received a total of $100 in alimony; she came a final time to court and asked for a dismissal.

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