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The Golls of Williams and Fulton County, Ohio

By Geri Moulton



The first Golls in northwest Ohio were Peter Goll Sr. and his family: wife Catherine Marguerite and baby Peter, Jr. born in 1834.  They came from Grand Charmont, France in 1836.  Peter eventually purchased the land which is now Goll Woods State Park, an 80-acre stand of virgin timber where Goll cemetery is located (in Fulton County)[1].  It is said that Peter walked to Lima, Ohio where he registered his land at the county land office.

Other Golls would come in quick succession:  Jean George and Francois Schad (Short) Goll came to America in 1837.  Jean George known as John George and Peter Sr. were cousins.  Also, Peter Sr. was married to John George's daughter Catherine Marguerite. (John George and Peter shared common ancestors going back to a Jean George Goll probably born around 1683 in Grand Charmont. France)


John George Goll I was born December 22, 1778 in Grand Charmont,Doubs, France. He was a farmer and a laborer. It is said that he came to Williams County by way of the Erie Canal. He married Francoise Schad July 20, 1809 in Grand Charmont. They had the following children in France: Marie Catherine, July 17, 1809; Catherine Marguerite, Feb. 10, 1813; John George II, October 15, 1816; and Marianne Catherine, February 6, 1820. Jean George died on August 29, 1860.  Francoise was born in 1786 in Grand Charmont and died September 2, 1858. They are both buried in Goll Cemetery.


John George Goll II was born October 15, 1816 in Grand Charmont.  Apparently he came to America in 1836 (a year before his father) and came to Williams County, Ohio by way of the Erie Canal in 1837 settling in Brady township.  He died January 23, 1884 in Williams County, and is buried in Goll Cemetery.  His first wife was Marianne Catherine Racine born in 1819 in Grand Charmont.  Marianne, was the daughter of Jacques and Anna Catherine Goll Racine.  They married February 21, 1841 in Williams County.  Marianne died April 17, 1856. On December 23, 1856 Jean George married Catherine Juillard Racine, the widow of his first wife’s brother, Charles.  Jean George and Marianne had  four children: Marianne Catherine, 1841; John George III, 1843;Catherine Marguerite, 1845; and Frances Catherine, 1848. Jean George and Catherine Juillard had two children: Mary Louise, 1858 and Marie Clemence 1862, who died as a child. Jean George II and both wives are buried in Goll Cemetery.


Catherine Elizabeth Juillard Racine Goll was born February 12, 1827 in Villers la Boissiere, France and died in 1907 in Williams County. Her parents were Pierre Juillard, a farmer and carpenter and Anne Catherine Barbier who probably had emigrated to America in 1839.

 Mary Louis Goll was born August 6, 1857 in Williams County outside of Stryker. She married Louis Frederick Peugeot in February 1876 in Williams County. Louis Peugeot emigrated to America from Valentigney, France in 1866. He came to Williams County after spending time in Highland County, Ohio where other French families had previously settled. Mary Louise and Louis Peugeot were farmers. They had five children: Julia, Theodore, Alice, Charles, and George.  Mary Louise Peugeot died on September 12, 1925 in Stryker. She and Louis are buried in Oakwood Cemetery, Springfield Township.  Mary Louise was a charter member of the old French Lutheran congregation in Stryker.

[1]  Goll Cemetery is located one mile south and three and one-half miles west of the village of Burlington, in Goll Woods Nature Park.The three-quarter acred burial ground is on the southeast side of township road F, one-quarter mile east of township road 26. The cemetery was set aside at an early date.  The first buried child was a Goll child.  Goll Woods is said to be haunted by
her ghost.  Golls who are buried in the cemetery are: Peter F.Jr. and Marieanne Catherine; Peter F. Sr. and Catherine Marguerite; John George I and Francis; and John George II and Catherine. Also buried here: Maryann Catherine, John George II's first wife, Peter F. Jr. and wife Marieanne C., Peter Sr. and wife Catherine M.  Others buried there besides Golls are Louys, Valiton, Beucler, Seigneur, Cramer, and Klopfenstein.

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